The Reality of Existence

The Reality of Existence

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a crowd of people to wake up from a daydream and realize you were not really alone at all?  You feel as though you have stopped in time and no one even knows you are there. You come back to reality realizing you have been off all alone in this reality of your own.  It is so easy to become withdrawn and silent in a sea of people.  It is so much easier to appear as if all is well and ok as you nod and walk through your day.  This is how many of us function each day.  As we visited my daughter in New York, this was so apparent on the subway.  I wish I could say that was the only place I have witnessed it happening, but that would not be true.  Going to the grocery or going through Target can display the same environment.  Matter of fact I have even witnessed it at church.  You find yourself in the middle of believers like you, but you feel alone and abandoned.  However, walking through your day without relationships is not living your day.  Interacting with others is real work!  It is difficult to put yourself out there.  You could be hurt or damaged.  You could be rejected.  We cannot let this type of self-talk direct our lives and living.  We have to be the one to speak up in a crowd.  We have to come out of our own deep reality to the real world and interact with the real people around us, not the ones in our memories only.  So don’t let your mind wander into that lonely reality.  When you see yourself drifting into the quiet zone, yank yourself back to the people zone!  You never know who God is sending your way in order to make new memories!

The Reality of Existence

Away from reality for a short amount of minutes,

But in our own existence without ever knowing forever.

The smells, the colors, the laughs, the company, and the feelings.

They are all there,

But the times for these never return.


Yet to remain within.

Time is no more.

Some call it dreaming.

Others call it insanity.

It is reality away from reality.


I call it not being alone,

Except I really am.

Alone talking to myself.

About the what ifs and the whys.


My mind ask itself.

Why do I even want to hold onto the times?

Because the memories refresh the soul?

Or is it because the ones that the memories are shared with soothe the heart?


Am I the only one that does this?

Am I the only one that hears myself clearly?

Am I the only one that hurts from the absence of being?

All the questioning makes me tired.


The questions jump back to dream again.

I awaken from my reality and realize the room is full of people.

My reality is that I am surrounded by people.

My existence is that I am alone again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Sometimes quiet time is good for us if we use this time to grow and expand our love.  But be careful this week that quiet time does not become too comfortable.  Trust God in the place he has you, and the people He is choosing for you to interact with.  Great things have come from trust!  You are not alone–ever! Happy mingling this week!














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