Fall Dreaming

Fall Dreaming

We have been blessed with so many beautiful, natural seasons.  Fall is absolutely one of the best!  It brings to all of us the grandest life we can hold through its colors and textures.  My heart just becomes warm and lightens with these changes given to us in nature.  After reading Aldo Leopold’s The Sand County Almanac, I could never see a blackberry bush the same again as it appears in the fall.  He calls them red lanterns.  I find the natural blessings so amazing, because they have inspired so many great artists like Leopold.  I have hope you can be inspired to bring out your artist with these colorful motivations!

Touch, smell, and see all that Fall brings.  Go out and really touch a leaf and feel its veins.  Run your fingers across the grasses that are turning golden and feel how they sway with you!  Look at the bright red blackberry bushes to see how they prepare for winter.  Let your senses carry you into this natural world of colors and textures.  Pause, even if it is briefly, to recognize these blessing you are given, and let them inspire you to celebrate!

Fall Dreaming

I lay my hand across the land.

The gingko leaves become a beautiful yellow.

The maple tree is a bright orange,

And the oak leaves are the brightest of reds.


As my fingers caress the wheat grass,

Its grains dazzle with a golden brown.

I whisper to the winter berry bushes,

And they respond with the brilliant red fruit.


I hold the ironweed close to my heart,

And the deep purple blends into my soul.

My tear falls upon the golden rod,

And it turns into a flume of yellow.



What stuck my arm?

A small drop of blood trickles down the vine.

The blood causes the vine and the leaves of the blackberry bush to run crimson.


I stand underneath the white birch tree,

And its leaves float about my head like bubbles.

I look down to see that the soft crunch under my feet

Is the birch’s thin white skin on the ground.


I open my eyes.

Stretch my legs.

I look around at the fields.

I see that my fall dream has come true!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray your Fall is filled with blessings as brightly as all the Fall colors!  Create something spectacular to celebrate the season!  Let your artist side shine!  Happy Fall Ya’ll!











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