The Real Struggle

The Real Struggle

I wish that I could say I am the only one that has experienced or faced what is in my piece today, but this is not true.  So many people are struggling every day with pain and suffering.  They are either trying to overcome emotional hurt or physical hurt, and in many cases both.  The very sad part is that others just can’t understand what people with constant pain are going through.  Especially, if they have never experienced hurt in this way.  It is so very easy when pain overcomes you, to just quit or give up.  When you see other people without pain do the simplest task, you can become very discouraged.  Why?  Because it takes you all the strength you can muster to even try to do the task.  It is at that point that we have to reach for God and trust to know His path for us.  Our path is not the same as others.  It is at that moment we must put our trust in Him.

You have to ask God for His strength.  This may sound really out there, but I actually have to talk to myself in my little head!!  Why?  To get it through to myself.  I have to say you can do this, because God’s strength is in you.  You are not the strong one, but God is.  We are really good at the negative mind talk, but the positive mind talk is what we need.  You have to gain strength not from the weak words but from the powerful words that God has placed in your heart and mind!

Now, if you are the one that has not been through pain in this way, learn to be compassionate.  Practice empathy, but most of all pray for this person.  You may feel helpless in knowing what to do, especially it is a loved one, but for sure you can pray and provide good thoughts.  You can also comfort them with kind words and words of encouragement.  They really are not expecting a solution from you, but they are seeking support.  Think about these things as you read today.

The Real Struggle

It is a struggle every day.

It is hard to move and motivate myself.

It is easy to listen to the negatives.

It is also easy to just be where you are and stay still.


But I don’t want to just be.

I want to put the devil in his place for tempting me.

Tempting me with negative thoughts.

Creeping around in my mind to find the most vulnerable areas.


It is so difficult to move one leg then another.

Bathing, grooming, and preparing a meal is such a chore.

Every day things become monumental assignments.

I seek sleep to hide away from the pain.


Do I melt into the fabric and walls of my house?

Do I disappear from society?

Maybe my bedroom can be the castle I need.

This is all what the devil would want.


The struggle is so real.

And he is there nagging it on.

I have to constantly talk to my brain.

I have to tell it to move body parts and think other things.


God is there with me.

He is helping me to defeat the dark one.

He tells me He is beside me.

He reminds me I have so much more to live for.


So, evil one, you may try to grab my soul.

You may try to seep into my thoughts with your nasty ways.

But try is all you can do.

Because the Great Warrior will take you down every time.


I will move.

I will stand tall and know my purpose.

Because I have become a warrior as well.

The day I said yes to the Great One Himself!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Reach out today.  Give comfort to someone that you know is hurting.  If you are the one in pain, reach deep inside yourself and keep the hope alive.  Your mind talks have to be positive to present hope.  Keep your prayers going even if they are small ones to the Devine that say help me.  Use your good times to invest with the people that encourage you and lift you up.  The most important thing to remember is you are never alone!  There is always someone who cares and the Great Healer is there!  May God bless those of you with and without pain this week!









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