I know it can be achieved.  I believe it can really happen. What?  Peace, internal and external.  One of the greatest Bible verses given to us with this welcoming holiday season is “Peace on Earth, and Goodwill Toward Men”.  In many cases, verses seem to be written for that specific place or time in the Bible and do not always seem relevant to us, but this one appears to be timeless.  It is really amazing how God left this one in, so it could be for every time and every place.  Many other historical religious leaders and pieces of historical documentations also proclaim the same message.  Yet still thousands of years later we yearn for peace and goodwill.  Is it because God knew man’s nature would constantly battle and struggle for power and glory instead of peace and goodwill?  Personal issues are constantly in our minds demonstrating the struggle is constant in the day to day life.  Who really knows the reason why God left it in or why other leaders proclaimed this as great in importance, but what we do know is that we need it today as desperately as it was needed thousands of years ago.  So—for this season try to let the struggle and battle go!  Use peace as your confidence and goodwill as your gift!  Search for the peace, and distribute that goodwill!  Your life will be so blessed!


The feelings are very anxious.

The fears become greater.

The focus becomes dim.

The foundation is shaky.


Then within seconds or moments all become so little.

Joyful feelings take over the anxiety.

Hope consumes the fears that were once there.

The mirror becomes bright and the focus sharpens.


And under our feet the ground becomes solid once again.

The light becomes bright.

The glory surrounds us!

Comfort spreads from bone to bone.


God is with us.

God is in us.

God is the joy.

It is not me or I or us.


God is the peace.

I am the peace.

We are the peace because God is us.

Peace in this reality can be true!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman 

Peace is like a joyful disease!  It just takes one joyful person to contaminate another, and then that one passes it to others.  Demonstrating goodwill is also contagious!  It gives your the heart that warm glow that settles in the heart allowing that soul to have peace.  And at the base of all this peace and goodwill is God.  God who put this concept of peace into motion with a simple phrase.  Prayers of peace and goodwill for you and your family this beautiful holiday season!









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