Only a Christmas Tree

Only a Christmas Tree

The symbolism God has provided us is quit amazing!  He knows human nature and understands we love the attachment to symbols.  The star of the east, the manager, the wisemen’s gifts, the star of David, the menorah, and the Christmas tree are just a few.  All religions use symbolism.  The one I am focusing on today is the Christmas tree.  Christmas trees over the last hundreds of years have become very personal.  Lights are added as Martin Luther did, but now personal adornments of all types are added by family members.  The adornments represent where people have gone, what they have seen, what they like, what they believe and experience, who they love, who loves them, and who they are.  I know in our house, it is not the real season until the Christmas tree goes up!  It represents all of us individually, yet it represents our uniting as a family.  Symbolism can be a good thing as long as it does not overshadow God and His purpose.  And as long as it does not overshadow the love for others.  I have more of a belief that God uses these symbols in order to speak to us.  As you read today, think about your family representations on the family tree!  Make sure everyone is counted in.  And look for why God led you to make the choices of adornments that you made!

Only a Christmas Tree






The colored sparkles create twinkles.

The branches hold the treasures of the past.

Each specifically put on the tree to hold it’s special location.


Pine cones are close to the tree base and body.

Some lights dance across the limbs.

Some climb to the star at the top.


The feathered birds perch upon the ends of the limbs.

Bells slightly jingle when the breeze brushes them.

The deer prance around the branches as if they were ready to fly!


There are mermaids, owls, trucks, cars, angels, and ballerinas.

You will see penguins, candles, stars, eggs, and metal dangles.

Little houses, dogs, footballs, and snowmen clump together.


While other round orbs stand alone, bright and shining with many colors.

Wooden painted characters sit resting around the lights.

Sequin shapes of all types scatter around reflecting the dazzling sparkles!


Each family member searches for their own treasure.

Each adornment represents a year for the family.

Each one tells a story.


A story of times together.

One of fun and adventure.

One of love and new experiences.


These branches may only appear to be a tree.

And the ornaments may only seem to be bobbles.

But this monument represents a journey.


A journey of a family.

Where they have been,

Who inspired them,

What they cherish,

And where they will go!

Lori Renae Hickman Chapman

I pray that you and your family will be spoken to by God and His symbols this holiday season as you share love around the tree.  Grieve for those represented that are gone.  Celebrate with those close and holding your hand.  Express hope for those that will enter your family.  Give thanks that you have been allowed so much love in your life!  Symbolism can be a blessed way to enjoy and experience God’s never ending love.  Merry Christmas and Blessings to each and everyone!








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