The Last Word

The Last Word

I was hurt very badly about 5 years ago.  The pain was incredible.  The hurt crippled me causing me to lose my self confidence and to doubt myself.  All of this hurt led to embarrassment, ridicule, and a major change in my life.  A change not of my own choosing.  This hurt also came at the very same time of a personal loss, the death of my mom.  It was not easy getting to where I could voice what is in my piece today.  I am not going to lie or sugar coat it, the climb back has been very difficult.  I was so shocked that me as a 58 year old could be knocked down so easily.  I was a strong woman that knew who she was, where she came from, and her purpose in this world.  I found out quickly when pain is administered that deeply and for so long, we do become vulnerable and weak, physically and mentally.

As I said the journey back has been rough, but it was possible!  I have gained back confidence, learned that new purposes arise at any age, and rediscovered my joy!  Bullies are very good at persecution, but God and the Holy Spirit are much better at taking you above this level.  They guide you and allow you to rise above.  I also could not have moved forward on this journey if it had not been for my family.  My husband was amazing support who stayed positive for me and continues today.  Your strength can be rebooted when the love you receive comes through God’s blessings.  I am sure these bullies feel they had a victory and won the power they wanted, but I have gained the power to have the very last word.  They have had to live with knowing their wrongs and evil in their hearts, while I have celebrated my new life in my heart!

So today or tomorrow don’t ever let a bully think they have the ending to the story, because they do not.  Seek the support of those sent to you by God, friends, and family.  Be led by the Holy Spirit to grow strong!  Your love and living to state the last word will be the true ending!  I hope my experience can inspire you today and provide you with hope for tomorrow!  You have the last word!  It’s your life!  And God is paving the way for your beautiful experience!

The Last Word

You bring me before the judges.

You make me come alone.

You ridicule me.

Your insults stab into my integrity.


Your false documents are presented against me.

Your voice demands that I get out.

You make me go without goodbyes or closure.

You tell me I am through.


You embarrassed me.

You have shamed me.

You are stealing a life celebration from me.

You deface my character.


You tell me no one else wants me.

You send me to be with others you have chosen to exile.

Your secret insults have come in the darkness of the night for the last time.

I have become tired of your weak form of leadership.


Bullies do not lead.

You think you have won.

You cock your head in arrogance.



With a voice like thunder, I say stop!!!

I breathe in with all my strength to the bottom of my soul.

I stop running and turn toward you.

I face you by myself.


With a stern, calm voice, I say you will go no further.

I will not allow you.

I will not run anymore.

I will not be afraid.


I did everything you wanted.

I continuously changed whether it was right or not.

I will change no more.

I have been here longer and done this longer than you have.

I have changed for the very best when I needed to.


I know my research and what is right for mine.

I am here for them to be successful and to feel worth.

I am only faithful to them.

Not for you to further your political climbs.

You will not use me or them for your benefit.


You will no longer intimidate me with your positions.

I felt I had more to contribute.

More to give.

But that giving will come another day in another way.


The celebration you think you have robbed me of will happen anyway.

I will continue to celebrate though living itself.

You cannot stop me from helping people.

You cannot stop me from speaking out about what is right in this life.


I turn my back to you and firmly say get out of here.

Goodbye dictator bullies.

My light cannot be extinguished by you or others like you.

Because my light was formed to shine beyond your evil.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

No one controls your life.  You make choices and through faith God guides you in those choices.  You are also protected from bullies so don’t forget that as well.  It may appear that they get the  small things they want, but God provides us with so much more through grace and love.  Step into the new year as a confident and strong person championing for love!  He also let’s us see the big picture.  And when we are given this awareness with grace and love, we grow above these bullies understanding they have deep pain.  Bullies cannot grow until they can accept this grace and love.  Step up and step out today in order to have the last word.  It will help your journey to move on if you voice it and put it out there.  I pray for strength in your voice this week and blessings on your journeys ahead!  End this year by sharing your voice with the last word in the old year and the first word in the new year!













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