The Constant Light

The Constant Light

The valley and the mountain tops—we have all been there.  We have sometimes even been on the side of the mountain going up and down!  It seems no matter where I am at in this scene, God always provides constant light for me.  The light of others reaching down and pulling us up or encircling us at the top!  As we climb or decline, they are always there.  The light of their souls touched by God, touching us.  You never know who it may be, and some times  you will really be surprised who it is.  It is so comforting to know no matter the shadows that appear or the tall trees that block the light, can never stop the light of these others.  No matter where you are in this scenario, deep in the valley, on the side of the land, or on the mountain top, reach hard for the light.  Stretch till it hurts in order to reach the light!  Let it seep into your inner core, so the next time you can be the constant light for someone else!  Don’t waiver, be strong, and be constant in displaying your constant light of love!

The Constant Light

When she dropped to depths that were too low to return,

She laid in the valley.

Alone, heart ache, and sorrow.

The horizon and light were hard to see.


She could not find the desire nor hope to move much less climb.

Relationships were always difficult.

Being the only one, she could only practice outside the family.

And she had not practiced well.


She sought self and stepped deeper and deeper into the shadows of the valley.

The roll down the mountain made it easier to escape into the depths.

Then just as darkness began to take over,

She felt the touch.


Not the touch of one, but the touch of many.

One hand caught her finger and with mystical strength pulled her upward.

Then another took her whole hand.

Another grabbed her arm and another her shoulder.


Slowly, but strongly, they lifted her up from the depths.

Up the mountain.

As she looked forward up the mountain,

She saw the brightest light pulling all of the sacred souls forward.


Soon they all peered behind and saw the valley.

As her eyes gazed she saw many lights around the souls.

She was warmed and her heart grew lighter!

Her love stretched beyond her body.


She realized nothing was worth not being with these sacred spirits,

Spirits filled with God.

They were her constant,

Because God was their eternal light.


The valley of humility gave her fear,

But the courage of her soul mates gave her peace and hope.

She would never be ignorant again.

The valley would never capture her again.


Next time when she reached the valley,

She knew confidently to reach toward the mountains for the lights of her partners.

She might go there,

However, her hand would move forth for those that loved her and walked with her each and every moment.


Humility causes us to better understand we need others.

Humility is redemption.

Not from some evil source, but from ourselves.

Humility is the self allowing service from God through the hands of others.


The valley is necessary.

The side of the mountain and the mountain top are necessary.

But the Holy Spirit in others is more necessary.

For they are God’s constant light lifting our hearts up from the valley.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

As you are moving on the mountain and valley journey this week, be open to the love lights and faces that come your way.  I feel we ignore and simply look over living in that constant light.  We hurt, we are in a hurry, we are caught up on self, or we are tending to so many others that we miss those reaching out to us.  Don’t miss the constant light of blessing that you are presented with this week!  Never let the light die!!








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