Dear Wise Friend

Dear Wise Friend

Happy Valentine’s Day!  With it being Valentine’s Day, I could just not help but think about love!  Most of us relate this day to romantic love, because the day is really marketed for that type of love.  Of course, the origins of the day itself was not for a good purpose.  Thank goodness the day has evolved into one of real love!  And an all-encompassing love—agape (God love), philia (brotherly love), and Eros (romantic love)!

My piece today was the love I and another dear friend felt for each other.  This friend and I were able to enjoy coffee and gardens, yet engage in heated discussions about politics and religion, still hugging and loving at the end of the day!  We were able to stretch each other in our thinking and spiritual growth.  You know—that person you feel like you have known your whole life, but actually you have only known a short period of time.  When these people come along in your life, you immediately know it’s a blessing!  As we travel these paths in life, we do have friends that come and go according to were you along the journey.  But you only get a few of these jewels that touch your life in such a unique way.  So, take today to honor, send love, or think about the jewels you have experienced in your life.  If none are coming to mind, then it is a perfect day to discover or find a new dear wise friend remembering there are all types of love out there!

Dear Wise Friend

It is as though our souls were once together on two stars far away.

Yet our minds and spirits have shared a beach for such a short period.


How can people meet for the first time and have known each other for a life time?

I have never known this world without you Dear Wise Friend.


Even though our physical beings have not always worked together or played together,

We have always been together by our spirits.


The cheer in your voice always lets me know this a blessed day.

Your warm hug reassures me that I am safe.


Dear Wise Friend your honest words help me to grow on this journey.

The light that you possess is so deep and strong that everyone who touches you

goes away with love and spirit.


I really do not care why or how we came to be after so many years.

But I certainly know to have a companion as yourself on this journey is a treasure.


Dear Wise Friends are true treasures.

The soul that speaks to your soul when others are not brave.


The one who is not afraid to question humanity.

The one who gleans character, uniqueness, and peace.


A treasure hidden from those that are too blind to accept the truth.

The one that lifts a prayer for everyone in need.


Dear Wise Friend as our lights burn even brighter with each leg of the journey,

I have comfort knowing my treasure has always and will always be having

you beside me—


My Dear Wise Friend.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman


I could not let this week go without thanking my Dear Wise Friend.  I am eternally grateful for all of the learning and growth I experienced by knowing you.  May your life be blessed and your journey be joyful.  My prayer for everyone today is to know and experience love!  God bless you and your family this day and week as you celebrate love!








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