I don’t know how many times I have looked at the younger photos of myself and just did not recognize who I saw.  As life has progressed, I have noticed this more.  We reflect back where we were and who we were, and we can not help but to compare with where we are now and who we are now.  We can even become judgmental if we do step back and see the whole image.  It can be a real personal check up on oneself.  This can be for a good tool, or it can be a bad tool if you use it against yourself.  We are the very hardest evaluators on ourselves.  Reflecting as I have done should be used for positive results or results that help one to grow and improve.  With what all you have done and accomplished be true to how far you have come.  Be truthful but be fair.  The biggest thing is don’t let it scare you to reflect.  We can all dig up skeletons that can be challenging.  However, our digging can reveal some real jewels and treasures that we would not dare want to forget.  Read my post today as I have shared with you my experience.


She stared at the photo.

Wondering where this young face had gone.

She could not recognize the eyes of the one that held the hope.

The person she saw seemed far away in another time or in another world.


She stared at the face in the mirror.

Wondering how this face looked so tired.

She could see the lines of worry and also the ones from smiles.

Her eyes were dim with just a small flame.


How could the two visions be so far apart?

They were the same person.

Holding the same hope, love, and passion in their heart.

Physically they appeared the same, but there was a change.


The one in the photo dreamed of traveling places across the country and the world.

Her young heart saw her succeeding in helping others.

She felt confident and strong.

She searched for love, adventure, and excitement.

The young face in the photo knew where these adventures would be and why.


As where the woman in the mirror felt tired and stretched.

This woman could not see a passion in her future.

She doubted if her visits to extravagant place could ever take place due to her body.

The face in the mirror yearned for new adventures in new directions.

She searched for love, peace, and joy.


How could the two be so far apart?

Why would the mirror face not see through to the youth’s image?

Living had provided blessings and joys,

But it had also brought pain and suffering.


The existence of the face in the mirror had changed to one of survival.

The face in the photo showed one challenging survival.

The mirror showed the dents in her heart.

As where the photo envisioned the heart that extended out to the world.


The more she gazed on the face in the mirror,

The more she began to recognize the face in the photo.

She touched her cheek and then her forehead.

The memories of her passion came to mind,


She ran her fingers through her hair.

Now short and dignified.

She tilted her chin up,

And felt a little more respect.

The strength rose from her heart.


The mirror reflected a woman who had cared for a family.

A woman who had cared for children.

A strong woman with endurance and confidence.

One who could overcome all the beatings of life.

No matter what was thrown her way.


She turned to see the photo one last time.

To her surprise it contained the image of the woman in the mirror.

The smile in each face was the same.

The eyes were lite with a deep glowing violet.


The aura glowed around the face whether in the photo or the mirror.

She knew life and circumstances were not the same.

But she had the same heart and love.

She was passionate, loving, caring, and joyful!


The photo mirrored her journey.

The mirror photographed her living.

The soul in both predicted her path forward.

Turning the lights out, both faded into her mind.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Look in that mirror or stare at that photo today and realize how amazing you are!  Realize this image is a stunning, strong, and incredible person. The image that portrays your own journey.  You have all the right lines, dents, and creases for the right reasons.  Look at that photo and know it produced your image in the mirror and understand this is the image of your journey and no one else!  I send love and respect for the courage you have in reflecting upon your great life!










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