Why Not Me?

Why Not Me

With all the green abounding this month, St. Patty’s Day, trees leafing, and grass greening, I was reminded of that little green monster, jealousy, that slips into our lives.  Unfortunately, this little demon gets the best of us.  I am not talking about just envying money or materials items.  I am also speaking about even desiring other peoples’ jobs, their family, and even their life style.  Jealousy can cause us to only see others and what they have and our desire to want what they have.  Jealousy strikes anyone at any age and at any time.  You should not be ashamed, because everyone has thoughts even though we don’t always voice them.  However, you do have options to gauge your mind back in the right direction when it follows this creature.  My piece this week talks about this and how or what we really need to do when the monster comes after us!  Read today and hopefully next time the green eyes come seeking you, you will really be strong and know the right thing to do!  You will make the right choice that creates happiness in your heart!

Why Not Me?

How can it be that we think we need what someone else has?

Jealousy creeps its way into our minds and our hearts.

We are so worried about what they have.

We ignore what blessings are poured upon us.

We want what they have.


Instead of celebrating with them and for them,

We ask question after question of why them and not me?

It is the mind games all over again and again.

Jealousy is the green shadow that clouds our lighted vision.

It hides the correct perception we should have of the world.


Jealousy distorts the truth.

It causes heartache and pain.

Jealousy is the seed of hate.

Jealousy brings out lies in the very best of people.

It draws away from our own gifts.


Others have their portion given by God.

We also have our blessed part,

But we simply are too ignorant to comprehend.

When this evil shadow continues to fight in controlling our minds,

We have to fight back.


Prayers of thank are how we fight.

Acknowledge the grace you are given.

Desire goodness, greatness, and love for our neighbors.

We have to want what God wants for us.

Because satisfaction and contentment come from acceptance of oneself.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

As the green appears everywhere this month enjoy it in the right places but fight the desire to feed the green monster.  Give those thanks and say those blessings for everything you are given.  You are special the way you are, where you are, and what all you have!  You are you in this time with what you have and where you need to be—-not someone else.  Enjoy the green trees and grass that were given for you to freely enjoy this week!  Enjoy with a joyful and peaceful heart, not an envious one.








One thought on “Why Not Me?

  1. Amen to that brother. Jealousy has rage, covetness, anger, bitter, etc attached to it. We do need to put our mind on God. Because his treasures and pleasures are eternal. The stuff down her is not. It will one day parish. Once again excellent post. Words of wisdom.

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