Artwork by Marjolein Bastin


Wow!  Spring is a real resurrection!  It is amazing how the Earth comes alive, which in turn brings us back to life!  With the trees returning, the grass greening, and the flowers bursting, we can not help but to feel a renewal.  Make some time this week for your own personal revival.  When schedules get so out of control, we forget how necessary it is to restore our souls and spirits.  So, intentionally make an appointment this week with yourself in order to enjoy this resurrection!


She let the sunshine hit her face.

And run down her arm to the tips of her fingers.

The warmth coated her soul.

Her heart could finally feel revival.


The sky color was a blue spring.

It held the clouds like a bowl of jello holds marshmallows.

Birds darted through the air to and from the bushes.

Their chirps were like music at a symphony.


So much happens in a lifetime.

Especially between revivals like this one.

Her faith had grown so much it would not fit into her body.

And her heart’s layers had been added to from all the love.


The green grass was softening beneath her feet.

It’s brown blades and bristles were withering from winter.

The ground remained cool from the winter because not enough sunshine had reached it.

Each step she took appeared to be a brand new one into her journey.


Her experiences on these mini journeys led her to where she could better understand existence here.

The days could be daunting and trying.

Or filled with joy and peace.

She knew both were parts of the process.


These days of revival allowed her a look back.

They also allowed her a look forward as well.

So many blessings, friendships, and loving times from the past.

But some fear, anxiety, and excitement from not knowing the future.


As the cool breeze softly sweep by her.

A peace soothed her mind.

She knew whatever was tomorrow, she could make it.

Because her faith was in a revival!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Enjoy the spring this week.  There are so many beautiful physical blessings for all of us right now.  Let Earth’s revival revitalize you spiritually and emotionally!  Prayers go out to you this week for grace and blessings upon your personal revival this week!










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