What I Can Share

What I Can Share

At some time in your life, you will encounter relationships that make you feel you have nothing to share.  You may have chosen to be a part of this relationship or life’s direction may have put you into this relationship.  If you are in the beginning of your journey, you may have not experienced this yet.  However, if you are further along with your journey, you may have experienced this happening to you several times.  Individuals bring all types of things to relationships.  But no matter the type of things that are brought, both or all parties involved need to be able to share.  Unfortunately, some people want to control all variables in a relationship.  They are self-centered and need to be the “star” of the relationship.  They will force

everyone to concede to them regardless of right or wrong.  If you find yourself in this type of relationship, the best thing to do is run!  No!!  Actually, stand your ground if possible, because your confidence could very well help this person understand the feeling of others.  The relationship might be strengthened and grow.  If little progress in growth is made with this person, you may need to just walk away.  There are too many other people in the world that can value you and what you have to share.  Your love and time are too valuable to squander, especially if they are not appreciated.  I hope today you are inspired to give out your love and value to the right people.

What I Can Share

I just want to be a part.

I just want to share what small part I have.

Is it fair to not consider my love?

Or the love I have to give?


I have not been judgmental.

I have not been overbearing.

I have kept my negative thoughts silent.

But ignoring or purposely not including my love is wrong.

It is wrong.

Ignoring this is wrong.


Great emphasis is placed on this one special event,

Especially prior to this great wondrous event.

Heightened expectations are present.

You build your emotions to meet these expectations.

You want to so be a part.


Not the main character.

But a character that can give wisdom

And love that no one else can give.

I just want to be a part.

I want to try to be a part.


Reading and sharing was to be our time.

We were going to garden together.

Together would we be problem solvers.

Our special paint times were going to be our time.

But this has not been the case.


It is disappointing.

I am hurt.

I have had to work for them.

Not spend time with them.

Expectations can be so different than the tradition.


I am not here to change these souls.

But I am here to share this soul that I have.

To share with them the part of me that is a part of them.

I am not here to replace anyone.


It will be too late,

When they realize the pain that this separation has caused.

Too late,

When they realize the pain that has been created.


Pain by not allowing this relationship.

Grief of the heart.

Please just make time for me.

Please give me the chance to show what I can share.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope this week you can decipher which of your relationships are valuable to you.  Which ones allow sharing of all involved.  It is so essential in this life that you do not hide your genuine self to fit into someone else’s mold.  Share and love with those that can appreciate you this week!  God’s grace be with you in making great decisions in relationships this week!











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