Why Me

Why Me

With all the days busy and over scheduled, especially during the month of May, we can very often forget to see just how blessed we are.  Obligations can way us down leaving us weary, sad, and depressed.  Even though these obligations may be blessings themselves.  We have to recognize if this is happening.  It is imperative because we all deserve a fuller life and one filled with joy.  There is blessing after blessing around us every second of every day.  But if we are weighted down, we cannot see clearly. Seeing clearly allows us to see every one of our blessings!  We may question why we would be blessed and that is ok too.  But what’s not ok is not slowing down to see the millions of blessings given to us.  Open your eyes wide today and see, name, and say thank you for all your blessings!

Why Me?

I am so blessed!

I wake and know that I have been given another day to live.

Also to love and to laugh.

The sunshine says smile.

The breeze says to fly!

Your rain shows me it is ok to sometimes hide.


I don’t know why I am blessed.

Its not like I have done anything to deserve these blessings.

I get to witness trees grow and flowers bloom.

And the blessings of all the colors and shapes.

The flowers give me a canvas of wonder!

The trees cool and protect me.


The blessings not only touch my heart.

But they delight my nose and my fingers!

The basil and lavender give me their scents for joy.

And the scents of cinnamon and apples satisfy my hunger.

Then a butterfly lands lightly on my finger for a kiss.

It floats and flitters away telling me to be free.


The blessings continue!

I see my life in my grandbabies.

I have seen the miracle of life in my children.

Warm, soft puppies wake me and put me to sleep.

Coffee soaks my soul with thanks.

I cry to experience joy and hurt.

And realize how great my blessings are!


Why you have chosen me, I could never guess.

But I give you thanks in my blessings of prayer.

Prayers are the blessings of speech that allow me to talk with you.

Your blessings of light from the moon show me the ways.

And your lightening bugs demonstrate your creations!

The rainbow after the storm gives me hope.

As your light shines through the refreshing water.


My blessings don’t always look like blessings.

When I did not get the job, your job for me was better.

The person I just knew was the right one for me, was not.

Because you had a soul that fit my soul perfectly.

I thought the one city was just right for me.

You knew it was not.

Your place was better for me in my earthly purpose for you.


So, I ask again.

Why do you bless me?

Why have you given me the hills and the rivers and the oceans?

The deer and the birds befriend me because of you.

You provide me with dull things, like shells, for query.

And shiny things like rings for pleasure.


There are so many!

I could keep going because they keep coming!

I must stop and see them all.

Oh!  I am so blessed.

I just can never forget how blessed I am.

And I have to ask why me? 

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week that you can see many more blessings than trials.  Your life is glorious!  In the south we would say stop and “wallow” in the glory of your blessings not your trials!  Thank you so very much for being my glorious blessing this week!












One thought on “Why Me

  1. Dawn Bohannon aka Sarah Barnes says:

    Every morning I experience/feel this way. But you say it so beautifully. Life — all of it — the good, the bad, the hard, the easy, the joy, the pain — there is a reason,a purpose, and I embrace it all.

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