Faces of the Day

Faces of the Day

My inspiration for the piece being shared today was all the faces that I would meet during a day or during a week.  The faces represent special people with very special gifts.  So many times, we go through our day or week greeting and meeting a great number of faces or people.  But way too often, that greet or meet is just a time to rush through in getting to another task.  We just don’t stop and think why is this face or person in my life this second or even this moment.  My piece made me stop and pay attention to these faces.  To stop and see the true gift that each face was offering me.  It gave me a new look at my day or my week.  I was able to recognize the children of God sharing themselves with me!  Slow down this week and really meet the blessed faces you are gifted with.  You may also be the blessed face to the other person who needs you in their own day or week!

Faces of the Day

It is the faces of the day.

These faces breath everyday into our lives.

Each face brings their own gifts to the day.

These days make the days different and special.


It is the child’s face that comes to work with joy and warmth.

This child may not be the loudest child.

This child has a genuine, sincere heart and others know this.


It is the child’s face that comes to mother others.

This child delivers compassion and care to all the others.

Their loyalty is great to her.

They know she cares so deeply about each.


It is the child’s face that wants to smile and laugh with others.

Her face always has time to share her joy with others.

She listens to their stories and joins into their glee.


It is the child’s face that is always there to listen to others.

She listens to where your mood has been set for the day.

She hears their gladness.

She also empathizes with their sadness.


It is the child’s face that may seem insecure.

She worries that she is not appearing productive.

But the presence of her face gives the others great security.

She is confident yet growing so.


It is the child’s face that is the leader.

Others respect this child.

Not with fear, but with admiration.

This child cares for the others.

But sometimes this child needs to be a child.


It is the child’s face that appears strong and steady for the others.

She persists through all happenings.

She dismisses the small things.

She recognizes and always wants to be there for the others.


Face after face.

Day after day.

Faces that make the day.

Faces that are the day.

There would be no days without these faces.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I really feel this is an area we are becoming less and less comfortable with.  That area being communicating and seeing the gifts of others.  If we recognize the importance of the faces of others, then we can see their great value in this world.  But in order to do this we have to be attentive and slow down!  Don’t miss your blessings this week of the many faces of God just because you don’t have time.  Make time!  Your face may be the face and gift of God that the other person sees and needs!






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