The Dark at Dusk

The Dark at Dusk

I can not explain why, but dread seeps into my heart this time of year when the clocks have fallen back and bring the dark out so early.  It’s like the whole community rushes from wherever, work or activities, to their safe space before the darkness takes over.  It also makes our hearts heavy, and we seem to retreat, sometimes from ourselves and others.  Although this is a tough time, we must push to continue shining our lights!  We must consciously keep our minds and hearts open and beating!  Seeking positive, good directions and thoughts.  Don’t let that darkness dominate!  Take your dark and make it into a sky with lighted stars!

The Dark at Dusk

It comes so quickly now.

And it last so long.

The trees’ silhouettes appear like black spaces in the sky.

The dark creeps down and covers the sun.


The pitch black appears.

And it causes a clearness in the air.

The coyote’s screech can be heard clearly.

The dark brings a chill to the night.


We hustle and scamper to get inside.

No one waits to be left in the dark.

Because it is in the dark where our nightmares arise.

Our greatest fears surface so they can be seen.


The hand of the darkness moves across the hills, the grasses, and the trees.

Until it smothers everything with the absence of light.

The dark is a pitch, deep black canvas.

That canvas is a background for silence that is very clear.


For some reason the dark pulls us deep into depression.

It takes away our shadows.

And makes our heart so cold.

Cold toward others and ourselves.


Our bodies want to slumber where the warm calls us.

We seek the light provided by the inside.

We are led to the fire provided internally.

Comfort draws us in to escape within the light.


The day light will arrive when it comes about slowly again.

It will have a longer stay.

All our shadows can be seen again.

And the sun will cover the dark.


The light will break the abyss of the dark earlier.

And it will stay late.

The dark can only hold us for so long.

Our lights will only be covered for a short time.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray for you and yours a bright transition during this intercession toward winter.  Surround yourself with warmth and warming souls!  Read encouraging writings, warm with coffee, cocoa, fires and blankets, and soothe your transition with friends and family conversations.  Blessings of light upon you this week as the dark moves in!









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