Humble Hands

Humble Hands

November is always a time we think of thanks.  We pour our hearts out and give thanks for so many things and everything.  I just always think of my Mom and Dad at this time.  They never turned a stranger away for a meal, and they always gave what little bit they had in helping someone else.  This was their thanks for their blessings!  If money wasn’t given, then doing a job for someone or being there to support someone was what they did to serve others.  During different holidays, like Thanksgiving, you never knew who might show up to share a meal and the blessings of the day.  We so many times think that to serve someone, we have to put on a big show or spend enormous amounts of money, but it does not have to be like that at all.  I do not know the number of people whose souls were comforted by conversation under the garage with Em and Jim while sipping a cup of coffee.  My parent’s names may not be on a library building or highway, but their names are in the hearts of many people!  I realize they never knew how many people they served, but I saw how many they did.  A word of encouragement, a pie, a call, time to just listen, or the smallest sincerely unimportant act of kindness.  So, as you give thanks this month, think of small things you can do for others that demonstrates thanks for their being.  To repeat myself, it does not have to be a big deal. Just paying for someone’s coffee behind you in the coffee line, letting the Mom with three small children cut in front of you in the grocery line, or a word of thanks to your checker or waiter/waitress.  Passing your thanks on in a way of “humble hands” will go a long way in this world!

Humble Hands

I looked at his rough hands.

And thought of the many planks he had carried.

I glanced into her heart.

And saw all of those that she had helped.


I really tried to look beyond the physical attributes I saw.

It had become hard these days.

Caring and remembering where they had been.

And where they had gone.


Their sweet bodies showed the signs of life.

Life lived to the very fullest.

But in a hard way.

And for a long time.


They genuinely cared for their family.

Always believing in an extended one.

Calls of love each day.

Celebrations together every season.


They always gave thanks.

For the pennies they had.

And for the souls they treasured as friends.

Enjoying kindred spirits during rough times.


Always being thankful enough to share.

If not with money.

With hard work, food, and support.

But always there for those in need.


Sharing every day,

Not just once in a big way.

Giving their smallest morsel or their last penny,

So others could be blessed.


Demonstrating that service is giving.

And giving is love.

Believing it is by the humble hands we serve.

Not by arrogant hearts.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

During this month make your thanks “humble hands”, and serve someone in a special way!  Look for the opportunities.  You will be surprised how many times God sends an angel your way to help.  Don’t overlook the opportunity to give thanks by serving!  Serving others is serving God.  I thank you with all my heart for joining me this week!  Thank you for allowing me to serve you with encouraging words and love!  I am so thankful for you!







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