The Winter Star

The Winter Star

Wow!  Was that holiday season as fast for you as it was for me?  I pray yours was as wonderful as mine!  Thanks for your understanding in me taking time with family and friends.  I have to say while I was leisurely moving through the holidays, the stars where moving through the night sky.  I have never seen such brilliance on these clear, cold winter evenings.  The sky sure puts on an amazing show!  And even though in my belief, our day for celebrating is over, when I look at the stars the celebration only continues.  Their brilliance reminds me of one of the greatest stars ever given, Jesus!  As I peruse the winter night sky, I can not help but to consider the greatest star of all.  I hope with the beginning of your new year, your celebration can continue as we see the miracles before us.  I hope you can know the holiday just continues because of this brilliance!  The Star shines on!

The Winter Star

The star fell from the sky.

It landed in a lonely manager.

All thought the Star would be a king.

The Star would be from power and royalty.


There were other plans from the Universe.

The Star was to represent the normal.

Not the aristocrats of society.

But the humans at the lower echelons.


The Star grew up as a normal child.

Doing childlike things.

And raised in the religion of His people.

But with a special sense of being different.


Different in heart and mind.

Yet aligned with common man.

The Star became a young man.

Following the heart of His Father.


As the Star became brighter and brighter.

Many of those with small hearts

Feared the light of the Star.

They feared His connection to mere humans.


The Star cured people.

It taught children.

The Star ministered to those hurting emotionally.

And applied some of the greatest love laws throughout time.


This Star did miracles.

It led the common man to be strong

The Star scattered love everywhere.

And promised a light that would beam past death.


The leaders and governors of the people.

Became more fearful and developed hate for the Star.

So much hate that they sought to extinguish the Star.

Their small minds developed schemes to employ against the Star.


They appeared to snuff the Star out.

To only learn that the Star.

Returned to the sky to burn brighter.

And burned into the heart of man.


The Star found its way around the world.

And reached all nations and all people.

Uplifting many to know.

God’s grace through a simple Star.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

May your winter journey be guided by the brightest light of all!  The most amazing thing about the brilliance of this Star is that it transfers that glorious energy into us as well.  Thank you for joining me again.  I hope my words can encourage and inspire you as the year begins.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that journey.  Shine on bright stars!













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