New Year’s Silence

New Years Silence

One of the toughest times for me are those quiet times right after the holidays.  Visits and phone calls become fewer.  Busyness and preparation settle down.  Everyone returns to work and schedules.  It is just difficult adapting to the quietness again.  Where some of us search for the quiet, some of us dread this type of quiet.  As I reflect in today’s piece, I am so blessed to know this quietness after all the noise!  I am thankful I have those that love us and come home to be with us that causes all this noise!  Never be discouraged as the quietness settles in, because it also brings great hope for the noisy house again!  Use this quiet time to set goals, reflect, or express yourself in a positive way.  Come on quietness!  The sooner you are here the sooner the noise will return!

New Year’s Silence

The silence is deafening.

It is all over.

The hustling to hide gifts.

The rush to make cookies.


The most noise heard now.

Is that of the dogs rustling in their beds.

All the conversations are quiet.

Because all the characters have come and gone.


Not by choice,

But by life.

Not from lack of love,

But from living the journey.


All that can be heard.

Is the rain on the windows.

And the wind whistling in the eves.

Which both leave only contemplation.


The holiday movies are gone.

Dinners out will happen other times.

Books returned to the shelves.

All have provided dreams, trips, and fictions of many characters.


The rest provided in a safe place.

Has shut down for a time.

The comforters and pillows for naps.

Are all tucked back into their cubbies.


The winter lights are the only sounds to be heard.

Their warmth tries to replace the missing souls.

Everyone including the puppies.

Watch the doors and windows thinking someone will come in.


The silence may be scary.

But one has to remember it will not last long.

Other days will come.

When the conversations, laughter, and being together will drown it out again.


Quietness come as you may.

Because I know the hope is hidden beneath you.

The hope when the souls return.

Making this a noisy house once more!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so very much for being with me this week.  I am so grateful that you spend your quiet time with me.  May your quietness bring joy, smiles, and thanks, helping you to look forward to the hope of love again!  We say thanks to God for the blessing of noise!  Make your quietness a blessing of joy this week!








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