The Natural Gifts

The Natural Gifts

It was one of those spring days in winter!  If you live in Tennessee, you certainly know what I mean.  I just had to stop and take in all the natural gifts we have.  They were just right in my face!  I told myself, “Why do you not do this more often?  Stop and admire all these blessings right in front of you.”  I am so silly in this everyday life!  I forget to pause—It does not have to be for long, but just a pause in order to capture a glimpse of these amazing gifts.  I realize I count my blessings for family, friends, shelter, clothing, food, and the list could go on.  However, I just forget the freebies sometimes!  The beautiful, natural, free gifts of everyday!  This week don’t miss out on your freebies.  All it takes is a pause!

The Natural Gifts

The sky goes on forever,

Just like infinity.

One row of trees after another,

Fills the horizon.

Lined up like soldiers.


My face with eyes closed turns upward.

Receiving the light.

Breathing the deep, clean air.

Air that holds hope.

And breaths that stroke the soul.


I can hear the wheat dance.

As the soft, wind moves across the land.

Each bird has their own voice,

When joined together like a choir of angels.

I am serenaded as if I am the only one in this world.


As the sun moves across the sky,

And displays a magnificent color show.

The moon peeks at me,

Waiting for its appearance.

On the stage of the dark.


The stars appear one by one.

Like little candles flicking in the wind.

Circling in the night around the moon.

They make designs like an artist,

And paint us pictures of the past.


Even in the coldest of winters

Or the hottest of summers

Sounds of all the animals are heard.

Sounds of joy, mating, fear, or being.

Letting us know there are many gifts beyond the sight of the eye.


How can I be so blessed?

To be given all of this freely.

All of these natural gifts!

Would I ever be so ignorant?

That I could not recognize these gifts.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for pausing with me this week!  I know you could choose other things to be doing, but you chose to spend time with me!  Take in all the freebies this week and count all your blessings!  There is so much out there for us to appreciate, if only we would pause and look.  Count each of the natural gifts you see this week and give thanks!  I am counting you as one of those gifts!  Happy week!









2 thoughts on “The Natural Gifts

  1. Karen says:

    Loved this. Related to it is my most recent pauses. For the last few nights when pups go out for their last “break” before bedtime, I have heard a chorus of frogs in the creek nearby. I think they mistook our warm winter days for early spring…but their sound took me back to my summer childhood days. I stood outside just listening, enjoying and smiling! It was such a pleasure!

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