The Inner Being

The Inner Being

Deep inside of us, we have our inner beings.  Some say our souls, our spirits, or even our physic.  The special part of each of us that makes us so very unique.  As we travel the roads on our journey, we have many different experiences, positive and negative.  All of these experiences, especially the bad ones, can cause us to protect that being in different ways.  When we experience pain and hurt, we seek coping mechanisms to protect that inner being.  I describe several of those in the writing today.  Saying that we use these is not saying they are either good or bad, it is saying we implement in order to survive.  The very bottom line in all of this is understanding our inner being no matter what it uses and learning from those experiences.  Understanding our inner being will allow us to accept ourselves.  This type of growth will lead us to peace!  And peace is what we all really seek in this chaotic world.  Peace  in who we are, where we come from, and where we will go!

The Inner Being

Who is the inner being?

Do we ever know who it really is?

Maybe we are not meant to ever find our being.

It could be the path of trying that is the real journey.

Not the finding.


The path creates drama for some to identify.

We use this to protect that inner being.

Some of us live from one episode to another in order to keep the being alive.

While at the same time alienating those around them.

Driving people away.


Inner beings also use laughter.

Not a joyful laughter.

But a painful laughter.

Especially when the path is not funny, and the pain is so deep.

The laughter covers the pain.


Silence is how so many inner beings survive.

They withdraw inward.

All emotions go deep, deep inside.

Eating away at the inner self for years.

And piling up more and more.


Some inner beings spew anger.

Explosive, vial anger.

At themselves and especially at others.

Trying to cover and protect the inner being.

But only to create more enemies.


The inner being tries to move out of us at times.

It causes illnesses and sickness.

Individuals endure pain from conditions caused by the constant fighting.

The inner being pushes and pushes until the physical cannot function.

And the whole person suffers.


The inner being must be nurtured.

Nurtured to avoid these damaging methods of coping.

To gain feelings of being safe.

We all have our own inner being.

And we all must guard against the negative evils on our paths.


Love of one’s inner being is the hope for the journey.

Loving ourselves, so others may love us.

Not being fearful of who we are.

Understanding the creation that we are inside,

And living the journey, loving ourselves.


Even though we may not find the inner being.

It will find us.

We cannot ignore it.

The inner being is a fragile entity.

We all must protect it in a healthy way.


The inner being is specific to each of us.

Even though we cope in similar ways,

The inner being is as different as each fingerprint.

The journey would be unbountiful without it.

Knowing the inner being is all that can bring us peace.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

This week work at acknowledging and seeking your inner being’s ways of coping.  Seek who you are and accept yourself with love as you would love others.  My prayer is that may your inner peace be reached this week.  Thank you so much for “being” with me this week!  Blessings and love on your journey!












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