Little Heart

Little Heart

Love—-a very simple spelled word.  But wow!!  What a complicated word past the spelling!  It is really easy to say we love someone, but to actually do it is difficult.  It is truly a journey to accomplish.  Some people make it easy, but others try everything they can to stop you from loving them.  However, it is not only others that can make love difficult, it can be our own hearts that present a problem.  We must grow our own hearts in order to be able to love others.  It really starts with loving ourselves.  Now that is where many of us fall short.  We have great difficulty loving ourselves whether it is our physical appearances or emotional situations that hold us back from ourselves.  Usually patterns engrained that we factually or falsely perceive, negative environments, DNA wiring that can cause us to do this, or any number of other reasons.  We have to work very hard to reach deep, deep inside and love ourselves!  Then we can reach far, far outside to love others!  Just remember life is about love!

Little Heart

Oh!  Little heart!

How much love can you hold?

Or how much love can you give?


At times you give all you have.

And at other times you withhold your love.

Little heart, you can learn to grow.


Precious one, you have loved your spouse.

You also have shown love toward your family.

And you have not spared your love to friends and strangers.


So, grow little heart!

Become stronger and wiser.

Reach past the stars to find love!


Love looks for you.

You don’t always look back.

You have looked and searched for love before.


My little heart, you are fragile.

Sometimes it hurts and cries because of love.

Other times it smiles with joy!


Love is always there little one.

You just have to see it.

And you have to believe in it!


The love might be big like a lover.

Or it maybe small like a glance on the street.

And the love may very well be a deep satisfaction of safety.


Little one, you may be scared,

But don’t fear!

Because love is what this world was built on.


Reach deep inside little one,

Because to love outside,

You must love inside.


Little heart, love.

Love always.

For life is the pursuit of loving!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope you can love inwardly and outwardly this week.  Try to work at loving someone difficult this week.  It may be as simple as saying, “Let me love you!”.  I so appreciate you coming to my spot and sharing in my writings.  I certainly understand your time is very valuable, and you joining me shows love!  Lots of loving this week!










2 thoughts on “Little Heart

  1. says:

    Rennae — Do you share these writings publicly?  I get your writings thru email.  I would LOVE to share this with certain family members, esp. one grandson — on Facebook — but I don’t know if I need your permission to do so. If you prefer not, that is perfectly fine.

    Actually, I could probably it to him in an email . . .   As always, your writing is so beautiful — wisdom . . . inspiration . . . beautiful expressed. Thanks!d

    Dawn BohannonAKA Sarah Barnes (pen name, Facebook)www.SarahSaysExpressYourself.blogspot.com (URL for “Sarah’s Story, A Memoir”) 

    • Dawn (Sarah)–Sent message by fb but do not know if you got. It is perfectly fine to share with your grandson! Thank you for doing do! Sorry I was late about getting back with you. Thanks so very much for reading and I hope enjoying!

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