The Thief

The Thief

Environments can change radically sometimes.  This might be a work environment, a home environment, or a friend environment.  Some source, a person, several people, location change, or a number of factors, enters the environment and boom—things change!!!  The environment is turned upside down!  The change can be a positive one or it can be negative one.  In the piece today, I address the negative.  Change that turned an environment into total chaos creating fear, distrust, and pain.  One so toxic that you can start to lose yourself from so much doubt and fear.  When the change factor removes love from an environment, people feel lost, abandoned, and alone.  The source, or thief, will not give in until the situation is best for them.  They will steal all the joy from everyone.  Being in this type of environment is a danger to ones’ well being and soul.  It can cause great doubt.  If you find yourself in this type of environment, you really must leave or remove yourself from the situation.  There is too much good in this world to live under such stress.  We are all too precious to be treated in such ways.  Some might say you are just retreating and hiding, but this is not true.  When your soul, your inner being or your inner self, is in danger of being lost, it is time for you to make the move!  Be on the alert if you ever find yourself in this situation or environment, you always have choices and you are certainly worth it!  Do not let the thief get away with it!

The Thief

It is a sad place.

Why have people turned on people so?

It makes me sad to see such pain.

Pain pushed down and hidden.


This is not a good place to be.

Us against them, them against us, us against us.

Souls that once were happy for those they served,

Are now gloomed and seek to serve other places.


I feel like my soul is being sucked out of me.

I am trying to be something that I am not.

I hurt.

My heart hurts, and my mind is in chaos.


I cannot satisfy anyone.

Everyone has ideas of who I should to be.

Ripping my inner self from my experience and confidence.

Smearing my character.


My purpose is no more.

The love for my journey has been stolen.

And my worth has been minimalized.

Leaving me empty.


How did this happen so quickly?

Why do people strip others of their dignity?

Never forget you are precious.

Don’t let the thief steal your soul.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for being with me this week!  Never let a change thief steal who you are.  God wants you to flourish with your gifts, and He will lead you where your heart needs to be and where you can be at peace and be joyful.  Remember, always read your environments, in order that you are being nurtured and not stolen from!  Protect who you are in your environments this week!






One thought on “The Thief

  1. Dawn Bohannon says:

    The poem ‘poetically’ expresses valid concerns in America today. I would, however, wish there was SOME WAY to take the paragraph you wrote and have it broadcast EVERY DAY on national TV and in ALL American schools.

    Awesome wisdom!!!

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