The Nightmare

The Nightmare

Some people in this world just live in this life to hurt others.  Unfortunately, the real truth is that these individuals are hurt so deeply themselves that they cannot react in any other way.  This does not justify their actions.  Also, this does not keep their victims from hurting very deeply.  Their victims develop very damaging internal fears deep within their minds.  Unconscious thoughts that are so very buried the victim does not even know they have these thoughts.  Consciously the victim may have forgiven this person and even resolved the hurt in their own lives, but the deep hurt has hidden itself deep into their thoughts, especially into the flight and fright areas of the brain.

In today’s piece I am addressing the victim, not the perpetrator.  But we are calling the victim a survivor because that is exactly what they are!  Survivors are warriors, individuals that cope daily, individuals with strong hearts, those know how to persevere, and demonstrate the greatest hope possible!  Today’s piece is about this type of trauma and how to overcome.  Yes!  One can overcome!  The most important question in all of this is for the survivor—“How can I push past this trauma and move on?”.

This is not an easy question, nor an easy process.  Usually the process includes several paths of success.  It has to be a consistent one instilling safety, hope, and love within the survivor.  We must each and every day as a survivor remind ourselves that hope is greater than this type of hurt.  That joy and love can be seeded deep within out thoughts as well as hurt.  Surround yourself with positive, loving people.  Participate in activities that bring you joy.  Cry and laugh because both help.  If you are this survivor or someone you know is, never stop hoping.  Also seek professional help because talking or bringing this hurt to the forefront will allow you to let go.  There are so many excellent professionals these days that can help.  Stay true to your path in seeking hope and fill your life with joy and love!  Our strength will overcome the hurt!  We are survivors!

The Nightmare

I cry out in my dream.

Hoping someone will hear.

Someone will deliver me,

From the ones that haunt me.


One moves through the day.

Never expecting your mind.

To collapse in the night.

To be chased again by the dark ones.


Why and how can one be scared?

Even frightened.

From the ones living in your past.

Why?  When you have tried to move on.


My heart beats out of my chest.

I hold onto the sheets for my life!

The pillow holds my buried head.

It takes me moments to know it is not real.


Why does the mind hide these deep inside?

I wish it could just forget.

As I gasp for air,

Tears run down my face.


Finally, I see the dim lights.

And I know they are far away.

I realize I am safe.

In my own place and home.


There are so many memories we wish not to forget.

But these we wish to never meet again.

If only I could be saved.

To never have to go there again.


I know this is not where I live now.

My days are filled with joy!

My hours are consumed with pleasures,

And smiles carry me day to day!


So why deep in my mind does it hurt?

How can I be pulled to the past so easily?

Dragged through the hurt,

And punished again?


There is certainty.

I will not be frightened by these nightmares.

In my conscience I choose joy!

I have and will make a blessed life!


Even though the dark ones claw at my dreams,

They will not claw at my conscience dreams.

My days will be filled with glory and pure happiness!

This will overshadow the nightmare.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope this week you have been inspired to strengthen yourself and heal the hurt you may have experienced.  Or maybe if someone you love has been hurt, you can be their support in this time.  We are all survivors from something in our pasts, but we are also survivors that will make this a more beautiful, loving world!  My prayers are with you as you seek your blessings, hope, and joy!  Let’s go show this world what a survivor can do!







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