I Am Always With You

I Am Always With You

Deep inside our being lies pieces of all our ancestors.  Little pieces from parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and generations after generations that came before us.  All of this heritage placing their hope in the next generation to carry their pieces into the future.  Their hope being that they could make the lives of others better by accomplishing amazing goals in order to help mankind.  In order that the next generation could do, see, and experience the world greater than they ever could!  Whether we want it or not, these small pieces make us who we are.  Our family goes where we go, and experiences what we experience.  These family members know and knew that our children have their own souls with their own journeys.  They also knew that their children have their own souls and should design their own personal journeys.

However, as our children mature, they really want to know their heritage is always with them inside their own choices, their travels, and their dreams!  No matter where they go or what they do, they need to know family and ancestors are there with them.  As my babies became adults, I felt it imperative that they know they always take us with them, but on their own journeys.  My piece today honors that passing of oneself to those we love.  It lets them know they are never, ever alone in this world.  They should know you are always with them, deep, deep inside!  They should also know they carry the dreams, hopes, and ambitions of their heritage with them as well!  Make sure this week that the younger ones in your family know they are never alone in this world.  They will become stronger and know how important they are in this world—-helping mankind and spreading the love of their heritage!

I Am Always With You

Carry me with you

Wherever you go.

To the green hills of Ireland.

And through the green grass of Central Park.


Let me see the things

I will never see.

The rose gardens of England.

The Flower Fields of Carlsbad.


My years will run out.

Before I see all the good God has done.

You can carry me to the southern white beach sands.

And to the smooth rocky ones of Nice.


I want to see the ancient stones of my forefathers.

And the ruins of Rome.

You can help me get there.

My inner parts are your inner parts.


Let me smell the fresh air from the cliffs of Moher,

And that in the Smokies and Rockies.

My soul will breathe in the clean, open air,

Because you have breathed it in.


My eyes may never land upon the sands of Egypt,

Nor the deserts of the west.

But when you see the majesty of such gifts,

I will also see.


I do not know if my skin will feel the sprays of Malibu

Or the ocean waters of Savannah.

I am confident if you are there,

So, I will be.


I want to feel the rocks of Colorado.

And sit upon the rocks of Tennessee.

You will sit, climb, and hike these amazing rocks,

If you are there, I will also be there.


The San Francisco bridge, yes the Goldengate, in the sunset

Is something I want to see.

I want to walk with you

Across the swinging bridge at Rock City.


Give me the awe experience of the Hawaiian volcanoes.

Or the remnants of Pompei.

When you say she cannot be here.

I will be there because of you.


Everyone will continue,

Because you continue.

My mother and father,

Their mothers and fathers.


Do not cry for me.

Nor be sad.

I am so elated,

That I can see God because of you!


Where you go,

I go.

What you see,

I see.


What you hear and smell,

I will hear and smell.

Where you be,

I will be.


Smile as large as you can smile,

Because I am right beside of you.

You are holding me in your heart.

Keeping me in your mind.


Remembering our times!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Encourage your children to know their heritage is within them, and that means you and their family are always there.  Let them know they are fulfilling dreams that others could only think about.  But most of all, make sure they know how to pass the dreams and hopes on to the next future generation!  Provide confidence to your family this week by reassuring them you are always with them!  Blessings upon you and your family this week!












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