I do not know about you, but sometimes I need for everything to just be quiet!  And most of the time the everything is me and my internal talking!  I get so caught up in all my speaking, I forget to just stop and listen.  I mean stopping to listen to others, everything around me, and even myself.  Listening is such an important skill but for extroverts this is so hard to develop.  If we can do it, we get so much out of listening.  We can hear all the good the world offers us.  Listening helps us to learn and search for answers.  Listening teaches us about others and ourselves.  It can bring joy to our lives.  Stop this week and listen.  Listen to what the Spirit, your soul, and the world has to say!


The flowers speak.

Telling us where we are in time.

They carry us from one year to another.

Delighting us with their joy!


I hear the conversation between animals.

Their chit and chat delight my day!

They discuss their flights to be made,

And they share stories of their adventures.


The trees whisper in my ear.

Either come out and feel the cool air.

Or retreat inside from the storm coming.

Whispers in all tunes.


The creek babbles to me,

As it delicately crosses the rocks and the dirt.

It is a language soft far away,

But strong when it drifts across my foot.


I listen for the sky to spell its words with clouds.

It slowly shifts them,

From space to space filling the sky,

With sentence after sentence.


The quiet sings soft lullabies.

Speaking its message.

Soothing our hearts,

And making our time be still.


I hear the rain talking to me.

As it moves across the hills.

Very light at first saying cool yourself.

Then stronger saying refresh yourself.


The snow muffles everything else.

It softly tosses around,

Leaving a blanket of silence,

And a touch of quietness.


Your soft beat tells me there is life.

I can hear you in my chest and my arm.

The rhythm you play,

Puts me at ease and leads me to sleep.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week you can enjoy listening in your life.  And I ask for prayers.  I am an extrovert most of the time, and I find it difficult to listen.  This is a skill I have had to work on and continue to work on, so your prayers are appreciated.  Stay safe as we all go out more!  Pray for others in our communities that need our patronage and support.  Continue your love and concern for others.   And especially listen to your heart!








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