Prayer of the Light Battling the Dark

Prayer of the Light Battling the Dark

During a time in my life, the Light within my soul had to battle the darkness.  Some dear close friends were not what they appeared to be.  I was led, very easily, into believing they were caring, loving people, but the truth became clear.  They were pressing their values and beliefs upon me.  Also, they were not very open to opposing thoughts and the exploration of new ideas.  This left my mind and soul battling.  Why did they lead me to believe I could be important to them?  Why had they nurtured my mind into believing our friendship was genuine?  Why could they not respect my ideas and opinions?  The whys just went on and on.  Know that all of this was not their faults alone. In retrospect, they were trying to care for themselves and survive.  They were at the point they could not engage in new directions.   I was just not mature enough to understand not sacrificing my values and beliefs by succumbing to other’s values and beliefs.  So, you can understand how this Light and dark battle went.

In my case I am thankful the Light won!  I learned to grow and understand protecting my beliefs while still respecting those of others.  I also was able to mature and move on to better understand the nature of people and their survival.  I know my prayer helped tremendously!  Voicing to God how I was really struggling.  I was able to move forward by letting the Light come out!  Unfortunately, these friends are no longer in my life, but their purpose for my life was so important.  Sometimes people are meant to enter your life and leave.  Their presence teaches us valuable lessons.  If your life circumstances are causing a battle—-pause—-let it out—lift it up—stay true to you—and accept your growth!  The Light will always win!

Prayer of the Light Battling the Dark

Bring the joy back to my soul, Dear Lord.

I want so much to feel and experience,

The love and pleasure of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Help me God.

I cannot do this on my own.

The mind is doubtful.


It is the dark side.

The dark side wanders and turns into the shadows.

It leads me to lies.


The mind robs me of the joy.

Leaving hurt and pain.

Sadness envelopes my soul.


But I chose You

To place the light in my heart,

That gives rise to the fire.


The fire of life.

The fire of smiles.

The fire of miracles.


I chose You, Oh! God!

I chose Your flame, warmth, and brightness.

I chose Your glow.


Your glow will remove the darkness from inside me.

I know Your glow is stronger than the dark.

The dark will hide and shrink in Your presence.


I will once again smile.

See the miracles.

And thank You for all the blessings I have been given.


I give You the glory and honor for me.

How Your touch has healed me.

The joy will touch all I touch because of You!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

My love and prayers are with you this week, especially if your Light is battling the dark, no matter your situation.  This is a time that we must never put down the torch!  We must battle to win for a better life!  Remember—the Light can never be put out!  My dear friends and family shine your Light this week!






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