Coming Home

Coming Home

Hello Everyone!  I am back!  My break was amazing!  We have new memories and the rest we got was so great!  But as my piece says today, there is nothing better than getting back home.  Exploring new places and visiting old ones is a wonderful change, but nothing feels better than to see your forever home.  The place that really calls your name and makes your heart happy.  I hope you can get away sometime this summer, and then be able to return home for that joyful feeling!  If you are spending summer at home, enjoy your blessings of a joyful place to rest your soul!

Coming Home

My heart takes a slower beat,

When I see your green hills.

As I wind your roads,

My shoulders relax,


Being back home

Just provides an inner peace.

When I inhale,

The smell of the air is clean.


Your trees seem to be in the distance.

But they reach out to me.

Taking my hand and

Leading me home.


The smell of the hay and

The cushion of your grass

Provides a walkway to the door

That leads home.


Humidity hangs

Just letting me know

A shower for cooling is on its way.

Soon the sweet raindrops will fall.


The time away is precious,

And cherished in our memories.

But the time at home

Is never forgotten.


Tennessee you will always go with me.

You will always be there when I return.

Your valleys will hold my heart,

And your roads will carry me on my travels.


I will remember Tennessee in my mind.

All of my senses feel it.

And I know my search can end

When my soul settles back home.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope and pray this week that you can get a rest this summer.  And that you get to feel how good it is to return home.  Being away will many times make us appreciate what we really have!  A few days in paradise can show us the paradise we live in all the time!  Happy Summer everyone!








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