USA—My Country, My People

USA My Country My People

As we enter the Fourth of July celebrations within the next several weeks, I really wanted to describe my true country!  I felt a heart tug to share how far we have come in this country although we have further to go, especially with all the stress, emotions, and happenings over the past months.  I truly believe our founders did not see this country as a government, but rather as a people.  A group of people under the allegiance of freedom.  They had experienced persecution, harassment, and even death.  They sought a free world with a group of free people.

Many people may not want to celebrate this during this holiday season, but I do.  I stand for my people’s Flag, I honor my Statue of Liberty, I hold my neighbors’ hand, I revere those that have fought for this freedom, I will always believe in change for the better, and I live with purpose to uphold this country.  I am proud to be an American including my own family’s original home culture and country.  But never misunderstand me, I will always be an American!

USA—My Country, My People

I search for the words.

The words to tell you

About my country.

By that I mean my people.


My country has the foundation of freedom.

Freedom of choice.

Freedom of speech.

Freedom of living.


There are very few countries,

In this world like my country.

That can proclaim

The freedom of protection for its people.


And what is this protection?

Protection of making choices.

Protection of saying what I feel.

Protection to live my very best life!


My country is not a government.

My country is the free people.

People that choose, feel, and live by their beliefs.

A country of humanity for all.


It has stood through

The good times and the bad.

It has weathered the wars,

And the celebrations.


Is everything right in this country?

No—perfection cannot exist within humanity.

Like no one person is perfect.

No group of people are perfect. 


Trying to improve is what matters.

We have made corrections over years to improve freedom.

We have succeeded with some.

And we have failed with some.


I speak today for my country.

All the many parts that are right.

The good that is so important.

The people that are good for humanity.


I travel our streets.

On one corner I see a Jewish Synagogue.

Three doors down I see a Baptist Church.

And on the next corner a Muslim Mosque.


If you travel into a neighborhood,

You will see just a few of the many people.

The many cultures of my people.

China, India, Ireland, Vietnam, Native American and the list goes on!


When you seek out a meal in town,

You will witness Asian Cuisine, Italian Cuisine,

Mexican Cuisine, and so many more.

Mixed and mingled throughout.


All of this country represented by its people.

Sharing streets, homes, and communities.

Living free!  Worshiping free!  Makin free choices!

With freedom as their welcome mat!


No matter—

This is my country!

My country of freedom!

And no one will take that from my country, my people!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope you and your family can celebrate your culture and your American heritage this holiday season!  Enjoy and celebrate your freedom!  As always, thank you for taking your time and spending it with me!  I am taking a few weeks off for vacation.  You may remember I spoke of the callings last week.  We decided to listen!  I will miss being with you, but I will return in July.  Please continue to read with me when I return.  While I am gone, stay inspired and positive!  Life has so much to offer—Do not miss out on our freedom of everything!  Blessings and love!




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