Be a Blessing

Be a Blessing

There are many things going on in our society right now that are disturbing, frightening, and very disheartening.  Some of these things we can help with and others we just cannot handle, especially alone.  That is why I wrote the piece today.  I feel very small in this world many times, and I feel as though I can do very little to solve problems and bring about positive results.  It is frustrating but very true.  Probably, if I knew what everyone else was thinking, there are others that feel as I do.  As I contemplated more and more on this, I certainly began to realize I can not be in big places, doing big things, however I can be a change and a difference in my little part of this world.  I can love.  I can show kindness.  I can pray.  I can encourage.  I can provide hope!  I can bring joy to others!  I really can be a blessing!  I will not be able to deliver this world by myself, but I will make my tiny piece of this world a blessed place!

Be a Blessing

With turmoil amongst the nights,

And unrest during the day.

I must remember my purpose.

I must remember to be a blessing.


When I see others stressed,

And many frowns instead of smiles,

I know people need encouragement.

I know I need to be a blessing.


The news communicates strife.

Placing fear and sadness

In the hearts of all the people,

But I will be a blessing.


Disease, sickness, and deaths

Fills the air and the communities.

People hide and cling to their comfort,

As I try to be a blessing.


There are those that want hate.

Others bring about darkness.

All for the gain of power.

But I only want to be a blessing.


God continues to make our sun rise,

And our moon to set.

The sky remains blue with hope.

I must be God’s blessing.


People help and heal people.

Doctors, nurses, technicians, and lab workers

All seek to cure.

They choose to be blessings.


There are those that send love to all.

People who spread enthusiasm,

And hope for a greater day.

They are blessings for all.


Prayers are lifted for others.

Love is shown by so many.

Hope lies in the hearts of those that believe.

People are blessings for other people.


I may not be able to help all people.

And I may not get far from my home.

I am limited by personal struggles,

But I will be a blessing for everyone I meet.


I am here to love,

And I will.

I am here to present hope.

My purpose right now is to be a blessing.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

With all that we are going through these days, be a blessing.  Look for ways, watch for opportunities, and never miss the opportunity to be a blessing.  This world needs hope.  We can provide that each in our own way.  May your last weeks of summer be filled with hope, love, and blessings!







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