Life In The Garden

Life in the Garden

The way of life replicates itself so very often in nature.  Such a miracle of how this world functions, and how our lives mimic this function!  We are pulled from the heavens and planted in families.  If we are lucky, we are with a family or given others that nurture us, feed us, and help us to grow.  We grow, bloom, and produce fruit that begins to replicate the process again.  As the tomato plants produce and then wither giving back to the full cycle, we also do.  Hoping that we leave enough of ourselves in the service of others and love toward others that our souls live on. It is a true miracle!  And to think it is just like growing a tomato!

Life in the Garden

I run my fingers through the soft, warm dirt.

I let the dirt sift through my fingers.

The ground is patted,

Building a small hill with a hole.


The seed is so very small.

It is hard to believe it can become something so glorious!

I gently lay the seed into the opening,

And carefully I cover it with the nourishing soil.


Even so lightly,

I sprinkle the water across the hill.

The sun already warms the safe spot,

And the seed nestles itself where it is protected.


The gentle rains come.

The sun rises to provide more warmth.

I pull away encroaching weeds,

That would harm this delicate life.


Then one day.

Out of nowhere!

A small stem appears with tiny leaves.

Gently pushing its head out of the soil!


The small baby grows.

I water and the rain waters.

The soil feeds,

And the sun caresses.


The stem’s leaves continue to reach for the sky.

It becomes stronger and bigger.

The branches are so large they need support.

I carefully place supports under the leaves and stems.


Then tiny buds and blooms peek out.

Bright yellow and white.

I water more,

And the sun shines brighter upon this life!


As the days go by,

The blooms seem to dry,

But they are transforming.

Small fruits begin to appear.


The small green fruits grow more each day.

Spots of red show on their surface.

The stems and the leaves beg for more water,

As the days have gotten longer.


Soon the dull, green fruit,

Turns bright red!

Red and smooth,

With an amazing aroma!


I can barely hold the beautiful fruit in my hand.

It is so large,

But still so delicate.

I gently pull it from its supported stem.


I pull the fruit toward my nose,

For a smell of the intoxicating aroma!

And I gently touch the fruit’s skin,

Imaging it on a burger or beside some fried corn!


Most of all I admire this display of life.

I see a miracle.

How a small, fragile seed can feed,

And give nourishment and joy to another display of life.


And I think to myself,

This is just another day in the garden of life,

To be planted, to sprout, to be fed, to give, and grow my soul,

As well as growing a tomato!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope this week you can grow and bloom where you have been planted.  I pray that you can place your fruits in the lives of others and leave your mark upon this miracle in an amazing way!  The real true miracle is the simplicity of the whole process.  May you reap the fruits of this amazing process!  Happy gardening this week in the dirt and in real life!







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