Fall Hiding Place

When I was a little girl, I had my favorite hiding place.  It was at the back of our property in an overgrown tree stand near the fences.  There was a wonderfully old stump in there that looked much wiser than me!  This is where I could go to think, to breathe, and rest a few moments away from the real world.  I could dream of my life to be with all its adventures!  I could just admire all the other inhabitants of this Earth that share this space with me.  I could mindlessly let my eyes wander across the field in front of me, floating far off with the butterflies on top of the wildflowers.  I watched the colorful leaves swirl and float to the ground in the fall, and I could sit bundled in the chilly, crisp air of winter.  That experience taught me to always find my hiding place, no matter the time of life I am in and no matter where I call home.  This week’s piece describes the perfect Fall hiding place.  Take out time from your rushed schedule and busy world this week to find your favorite hiding place.  Your hiding place may include a big chair in the corner of comfy room.  It may be a park bench.  The hiding place might be a rocker on the front porch.  Go there alone to think, breathe, and rest!  It does not matter where as long as you give yourself permission to find your hiding place for one short moment in this chaotic world!

Fall Hiding Place

I saw the path.

It laid between two big oak trees.

The path drew me in.

The colorful trees took my hand and led the way.

The orange and gold of the oaks,

Made the path warm and inviting.

The path itself said follow me for joy!

The many-colored, sacrificed leaves cushioned my steps.

Down the path,

All was very still.

Except for the scamper of a squirrel searching for delicacies,

And a golden leaf that floated down.

Once I was down the path for a little way,

The hidden world started revealing itself.

The ghost trees, the white birches, stood tall and stately.

The dogwoods danced in their reds and greens.

The rough bark of the elms gave me a grip to continue my walk,

Providing me strength to move forward.

I knew warmth could be had if I needed,

By the dark sticks in perfect piles amongst the leaves.

Occasionally I could hear the chime of an acorn that jingled to the ground.

And them startling me,

A doe lifted her head with ears in attention,

Hearing me encroach on her territory.

In a distance, I could see a small patch of red lanterns, blackberry bushes,

Trying to make their bed amongst the edges of the trees.

Fungi and mushrooms found their protection on the dead trees lining the forest floor.

Their dusty colors settled into the bronzes, golds, and greens of the tree leaves.

The smell of musk and sage filled the air,

Because the air was crystal clear.

The light made its way through the various windows in the canopy,

Bringing all the inhabitants to life in their own right.

As always, my path ran out into a field of goldenrod and ironweed.

My Fall hiding place was gone,

But I knew,

Another day, another way, my hiding place would explode again with its many colors!

I knew the hiding place would lead me on a path of gold once again,

Giving me joy inside my soul,

Warming my heart with comfort,

And rescuing me from a harsh world.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

What better time to discover your hiding place than during this Fall season!  Breathe.  Think.  Rest. Enjoy all that nature offers during this amazing season!  Get in that hiding place and take a little time out for yourself.  Happy Fall Ya’ll!





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