Free Will

These days in our world, there is a lot of blame shaming.  It is much easier to blame someone, something, or some entity for our free will choices than be responsible for ourselves.  From the beginning moment of our lives, we have free will.  The free will to choose, decide, and make our own directions.  I know for me I have by my free will made some good choices in life, and then there are the negative choices I made that gave me results I would rather had not gone through.  However, I accepted what happened from the negative choices and learned a lot!  No one forced me.  No one led me that direction.  The bottom line is that my free will and I made the choices.  One of the best things you can do this week is understand and accept your free will, but most importantly own it!  Own your decisions and your circumstances!

Free Will

We come into this world,

No preconceived thoughts.

Free to think as we wish.

Free will!

Free will is a magnificent thing!

Choices, decisions, directions,

All made by you,

Not by or from someone else!

We can allow others to hold us down.

Or we can allow others to lift us up.

The choice is ours,

Because of our free will.

Some of us use this free will,

For good, love, and tenderness in this world.

Others use their free will,

For evil, hate, and selfishness.

We all make decisions,

Or examine our free will,

That leads to positive results for our lives.

Or we use free will for negative results in our lives.

Negative results are what we consider our learning moment!

Or we may hold regret and be a cynic because of our negative choices.

We forget to step outside,

And see what a blessing free will can be.

Free will.

No one makes a choice for me or you.

Those that love you,

Say you are free now!

Free will should be your most prized treasure!

The freedom for your mind to think what it wants to think.

The freedom it gives your heart and soul to act.

The freedom that can provide peace by your choices.

Go before your God.

Demonstrating your free will to make the hard choices.

Go before your Mankind.

Showing a free will completed with love.

Use this gift wisely.

See it for the treasure it is.

Never fear using it,

Because you were born to be free if that is your will!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week that you can see clearer your free will choices, what they have been and what is ahead.  Use discernment on your options with peace and joy, accepting you are doing your best.  If you are not, then my prayers are for you to improve and move forward with a better attitude.  Be responsible for those free will choices!  Enjoy your week of freedom!





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