October Festival

I cannot believe our October festival is coming to an end.  I realize we have November that is suppose to carry on the Fall season, but we all know over the past years November has become more of the predecessor to Christmas than the completion of Fall.  I have taken these last days of October to count all my blessings that have been given to me in these days.  A dear, dear friend reminded me of these blessings this week.  October has brought so many!  It has been easier lately to focus on all the things that can lower our hope and focus on negative things and happenings, rather than seeing all the things we are blessed to have.  I am so blessed with family, friends, a home, freedom of worship, freedom of speech, meals, puppies, clothing, and the list could go on forever!  In addition to all of these, I am also given this beautiful, amazing, natural world to enjoy!  So take the last few days of our amazing October festival to say I am so blessed!

October Festival

Oh! October!

Touch my cheek with your whisper.

As I watch your wondrous colors dance,

My joy fills the landscape.

The fruit of your life,

The gourds, pumpkins, and apples,

Bring the taste of the fall spice

To my lips.

Your sunshine warms me.

When I sneak from beneath the shade,

And the sprinkling leaves,

Fall upon my shoulders as I walk among your brilliant flowers.

As your light sky turns to dusk,

The crackle of the fire draws me near.

Your chilled energies

Cuddle my soul to let me know I am safe.

Your leaving silently slips away.

The trees become bare and the grasses brown.

But you always exit in a blaze of glory,

With grinning jack o lanterns, fun, and treats!

Oh!  October!

I look forward to the surprises you give each year.

Acorns and gumballs to keep

On days when you are gone.

As I sip my warm cider,

You provide me a backdrop of oranges, reds, and yellows.

The musky smells blend with my cider,

And take me back to days of my childhood.

I take in my last days of a cool outside.

The joy that circulates in the veins of your leaves,

Run through mine,

Letting me know I can never forget what you offer.

Squirrels prance through your jewels.

Your berries spring forth among the colored leaves,

Just waiting for the deer.

Also giving one more dimension to your landscape.

As the bright moon sets through your cool air,

The crispness of your soul assures me of hope.

Your tree branches sway in the moon’s light,

And you guarantee a snuggle under my plaid comfy will soothe me.

Oh!  October!

Never leave us alone!

Always bring us your festival with all its gifts!

Because your time and gifts are so precious to us!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for joining me this week.  You are certainly one of my blessings this week!  And every week!  May this season open your eyes to all you have and all that you are blessed with.  Happy October festival and blessings to you and yours!





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