Head and Heart

Wow!  Life is so hard!  I know we have all been in situations where decisions had to be made.  In many of those situations, we either knew the decisions could be for the negative or for the positive, but all the happenings led to having to make these tough calls.  Just knowing this makes our heads say “This is the logical thing to do.”, but then our hearts are saying “This is just not right.”.  You have empathy and sympathy from me if you have had to experience these calls like I have.  It makes you question “How to I live with myself?”.  To move through, we have to understand that we are discerning what the Holy Spirit is telling us.  

We must trust this battle to show us through this spiritual guidance in order that we make the very best choices.  At the same time, we have to understand the outcome has to be accepted as a learning opportunity!  Now—Is this all easy?  No!!!  But we must never give up!  Go through the battle, accept the decision, and rest in peace that you have listened to your spiritual guidance.  See if the written piece today speaks to your heart and your head!  

Head and Heart                        

I know in my head it is best.

But I feel in my heart it is not.

Reason and logic say things are right.

But my heart and soul say this should not have to be done this way.

My head challenges my heart, and my heart challenges my head.

Decisions in life are so hard.

Where is the manual?

When you have to start making these choices,

It is no where to be found.

So, you are left with what’s in your heart and what’s in your head.

We weigh goods, bads, and in betweens.

Trying to make the choices that are best.

If it is for yourself, there is a little less pressure.

But if it is for those you love,

The pressure is incredible.

We cry, tremble, and cry more.

As this battle begins,

Our physical body will clench teeth, race the heart, and tighten the fist.

When the battle progresses,

We feel a deep ache inside that pushes to be released.

As the battle draws to a close,

The ache rises to an explosion.

It is then that emotions and physical changes can be seen.

Our eyes weep with desperation.

Our hearts beat outside our bodies until the decision is done.

Then it is done.

We have to live with the decision.

The head continues to reassure.

While the heart continues to question.

The challenge between the head and the heart continues.

Acceptance sends us into the future.

Then the future brings another situation with another decision.

The questioning and guessing starts all over.

Am I right?  Am I wrong?  Will it work?  Will it fail?

The head says it is best, but the heart says it is not, and the battle begins again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray that your head to heart battles are not too uncomfortable this week.  Listen for that spiritual guidance that is so essential.  As always, thanks for being with me this week.  I hope the piece has spoken to you in order that your head and heart can live together!  May your battles be peaceful this week, and your decisions be those that you can live with!





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