Winter Whispers

As the winter settles around us, there could be no more of a perfect time to examine the whispers in our heads.  Whispers of hope and plans telling us to do and be the very best we can be.  Winter provides the perfect background to address the whispers.  List them as they come to you, but leave a little space below each one.  Just jot down in a notebook or on a sticky.  Examine them.  Are they whispers that need validating or are they whispers that need to be dismissed?  Next what can you do with the whispers, or what do you want to do?  Star the ones that are most important to you.  Then as you go back over the ones most important, jot a simple statement down of what you want to see happen with this whisper.  Do not try to do this all at once.  Come back later and listen inside on how to make this whisper happen! This season is the perfect time to investigate and address the winter whispers!  Start today!  Tackle one at a time.  Plan for success on those that are truly important and being delivered by the Holy Spirit.  Sit back, listen for the whispers, and plan to succeed on the ones meant for you!

Winter Whispers

That good cup of coffee.

My comfy chair and whispers in my head.

Kisses from my fur babies.

Calls from my human babies.

Twinkle lights in the winter dark.

Muted woody trees against the cedars green.

The white birch trees appear to stand with snow layered on them.

Dry, brown leaves barely hang on to a few limbs.

All present a calm, unspoken word, whispers.

Showing us every blessing in this bleak season.

All the mysteries of our purpose hidden during any other day.

Treasures right in front of us.

The chilly, cold air makes us appreciate the warmth.

And the quiet that come with it allows the whispers to be heard.

The quiet provides us time to think and study life.

Life’s questions, life’s answers, life’s trials, and life’s joys.

The weak sun appears for minutes.

Illuminating all things in the trees and the hills.

We examine our hidden things too.

Whispers in our hearts and in our souls.

It is a time to be inside.

Nestled where we feel safe.

Opening ourselves up,

As the Earth opens up to us.

We can learn about ourselves by the winter whispers,

As we learn about the Earth.

Making goals and promises,

To who we are and who we want to become.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for being with me this week.  I hope your winter has been safe and enjoyable.  Bring your best out this season by growing from our winter whispers!  Don’t let them hold you back, but let them whisk you forward toward a promising future!  Stop, listen, and hear the silence speak!  Blessings and love to you and your families in this still quiet season!





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