The New Year

We made it!  Through pains, heartaches, and hardships!  We can say goodbye to a year that no one wants to reflect on.  I would love to thank all of you for understanding me being away for a little period of time.  My husband, Danny, did amazing with hip replacement surgery!  Our holidays were just wonderful with family and friends.  I cannot thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers.  Now we have a clean calendar and a new clock available to us.  Is this what heaven is like?  New beginnings with our slates wiped cleaned!  I hope so!  The feeling of hope and anticipation just swells in our hearts.  If each of us can move forward with joyful energy, love, and positive perspective, our light will be contagious and others cannot help but to join in!  I pray the piece today provides you with a great perspective on 2021.  This is one time and maybe the only time, I will say do not really worry about reflecting back.  Instead look forward!  Leap forward! Run forward!  Toward new hope and joy!

The New Year

The slate will be wiped away!

Have I not heard that before!

New hope with new dreams!

Memories to make.

Souls to satisfy.

We get to start over.

Begin again.

Going forward.

Future wishes to be fulfilled,

And relationships to grow.

Our breath signs a relief.

As we put the pains behind us.

Hopes do not lie in one of us,

But in all of our hands held tight.

We march toward the sun!

The light draws our hearts.

As we face the glorious future!

We have new goals,

With new directions,

And roads that lead to new experiences!

Here we go again!

A new second, a new moment, or a new hour.

To be filled with pictures of new celebrations.

Blue skies.

Fresh air.

We can attain the hope in our hearts.

We will dance with passion.

Sing with glee.

Hug and squeeze until our hearts overflow!

Every moment we are blessed with love!

New Year—Watch out!

We are coming your way!

To love,

To laugh,

And to live beyond even our own imaginations!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for rejoining me this week.  I pray I am back on track getting to share with you.  It means all the world to me that you take time to be with me every week.  May you and your family and friends be blessed on this new journey.  I am so glad we are given a new beginning to write other parts of our lives.  Go out there and live in 2021!





One thought on “The New Year

  1. Beautifully expressed, as always. You have an amazing talent with word expression. So glad your husband’s surgery was so successful. HNY Blessings to you . . . and praying for America’s recovery in 2021 as well.

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