Into The Silence

I require a lot of stimulation and visuals for my mind’s creativity to work.  This is also true for my day to day journeying.  When things become too quiet and silent, I can panic.  The silence frightens me.  I am afraid I will go places that my mind does not need to go.  However, the silence is necessary.   We have to experience it on our journey.  Many of us seek silence as a refuge.  We view the experience very differently.  Our discomfort comes from the noise rather than the silence.  These individuals need to practice just the opposite of today’s reading.  I have found when I step in or out and accept which ever refuge I have, I can learn great things.  When I step into the silence and accept it, it makes me listen to my soul, my heart, and my Holy Spirit.  I grow and mature.  If silence is your enemy, step out and be brave this week!  Both are so important in order to complete our lives and provide guidance on our journeys!

In The Silence

It is very silent.

No sound.

No movement.


The quietness can be welcoming.

Or it can be frightening.

It tells of better days.

Or it tells of days wished for.

Silence can be a learning tool.

It can guide us through this life.

It is a time that puts us closer to the Holy Spirit.

Or it is a time that draws us down into the darkness.

Do you hear it?

Yes, that’s it!

You can’t hear it.

No thought, no conscious, no nothing.

Silence has to be accepted.

One cannot fight it.

It has to be absorbed.

It has to be admired.

Let the silence teach you.

Hear it out.

You might be told secrets of yourself.

It is better finding out who you really are.

The quiet can release your inner energy.

To think in places.

Or to dream on paths.

You never thought possible.

Silence can take us to see the scary parts of ourselves.

And it can show us the most precious parts of who we really are.

It speaks so loudly,

That I sometimes cannot hear anything else.

Do not let the fear stop you.


Cast your anxiety upon the emptiness.

Let it build your confidence.


No movement.

No sound.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray the silence speaks to you this week, and you can learn and grow.  We need silence, just as we need noise sometimes.  Find yourself, whether you are in the silence or the noise, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the examination of your heart, and the searching within your soul.  Thank you so very much for being with me this week!  I appreciate your contribution in spreading encouragement and positivity to so many people.  I know our days are very busy, and the time you share with me is so very valuable.  I pray you can be blessed, and you can bless those around you!  Now let’s be quiet a little!!!





One thought on “Into The Silence

  1. I only remember doing this once — on my screened in back porch on Portway in Spring Hill. It was amazing. The scripture — “Be still and know that I am God.” was fresh in my mind. So I went out there and sat and concentrated on totally clearing my mind. I did it. I went some place . . . I can’t say where or for how long. Peace overcame me. Rocky went out with me to sit on my outdoor couch. When I “came back to the present”, he was not there with me; he had gone out his ‘doggie door’ and was in the yard. I was totally unaware of him leaving.

    “Easy Listening” keeps me content and peaceful — but this experience was different. Deeper. Once I get in my own place again, I hope to pursue this more.

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