Soul Love

I just cannot understand why people find it so difficult to love others.  It does not take a big effort nor an above the norm action.  Love encompasses the smallest act in the most genuine heart kind of way.  It is not the big things people remember about love.  It is the moment by moment, day by day, year by year, commitment to demonstrate love.  Love also does not apply to one “kind” of person.  It applies to all people, rich or poor, with a home or without a home, gruff or sweet, not one religion over another, and the list could go on!  Now there are those people who that make it very difficult to love them.  Usually because they are afraid or have been hurt so deeply by trusting the love of someone else.  But even these individuals need our love.  Make it your goal this week to reach out and love someone.  It can be someone you know or even better someone you do not know!  As Corinthians 13:13 paraphrased says, “And the greatest of these is love (charity)”!  Whoever would have thought you were being charitable when you were giving out love!  Give it away this week—all that you can!

Soul Love

Having my coffee ready in the morning.

Texting me with morning blessings.

Taking your time to see my Dad.

Carrying my chair to set on the beach.

If you don’t know love,

This is it.

Taking time to talk on the phone with me.

Holding my hand as I walk down the hall to the doctor.

Putting my sock on the foot I cannot lift.

Buying lunch on my birthday.

Love appears in many forms.

This is love.

Celebrating life with me.

Taking me on a shopping trip.

Laughing at me,

And laughing with me!

Love is always genuine.

You show me great love.

Sending me a card that makes me smile.

A positive written message through text.

A hug of reassurance.

Holding hands during prayer.

Love can be spread so quickly.

Demonstrated in the simplest way.

You return my shopping cart.

You offer to take and put my purchases in my car.

You make me smile with small conversation as I check out at the grocery.

You genuinely say have a nice day as you serve me.

All motions of love.

Love can be shown by anyone.

Picking up my fallen wreath in the yard.

Having lunch with me at the tearoom.

Your voice and tone says I need you.

Conversations of respect for each other.

All actions of love.

Love without strings.

Taking me to a show and having patience getting me there.

Lifting me up with your words of encouragement.

Just being with me in silence.

Just letting me cry on your shoulder.

All ways to love.

Love that we never forget.

For those who think love is a big gift.

Or those that think love is only taking.

It is not big, or glamorous, gaudy, extravagant, or difficult.

Love is small, it is every day.

It is given away without expectations.

Love comes from a place of peace.

Love is simple.

Love is kind.

Love is the smallest act of giving.

Love is the greatest act of receiving. 

Love holds us together.

Love gives us hope!

Love is in front of all of us.

We just must look and be willing to share it.

Love is the gentle nudging.

Love can only be given from deep within the soul.

Soul love within each of our hearts.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Love this week with everything you have!  I am so blessed everyday to receive love in the many ways I discussed in my piece today.  And I have been able to give love away in even more ways!  I hope this week your love is great—giving and receiving!  As always thank you for being with me this week.  You show me love every week you join me.  My love is in the form of thanks to each of you for helping me to encourage others!  Thank you!  May the love be with you!





2 thoughts on “Soul Love

  1. Thank you for this reminder. Lots of women are looking forward to getting roses or candy , etc. this weekend. Not that those things aren’t nice but I want the kind of love that you mentioned above. Sometimes it doesn’t come around that often.

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