Agape Love

Very few humans are capable of the types of love I discuss today in my piece.  We put our very best effort out there, but we just always fall a little short in reaching this type of love. I guess that is the difference in our human hearts and an Agape heart.  Does that mean that we don’t try?  Do we just give up and never aim for that type of love?  No!!!  We keep at it!  We try to accomplish this love above anything else.  Practicing this type of love no matter my attitude or the person’s attitude I am being asked to love.  If we give up, we have lost hope.  But if we continue trying, who knows what level of love we can reach!  A love that is amazing, awestruck, astonishing, and awesome!  Go out into the world this week and practice your loving!  Send that love out there without any expectations or requests.  You never know what you will get in return.  It could be enough love to last an eternity!

Agape Love

I don’t understand how You do it.

You love me no matter.

Your hand touches my soul,

And I know I am loved.

I can say bad things.

My actions can be wrong.

I can hurt someone,

But You never stop loving me.

Unconditional love.

Love above all.

How can anyone love so deeply?

How can one not reciprocate that love?

I do not know what You see.

You think I am capable of so much.

Your confidence tells me I am loved.

This gives me hope for a purpose.

If only I could love as You do.

Without expectation.

With giving of oneself,

And never expecting an action in return.

You allow me to make mistakes.

This allows me to learn and to grow.

So, when the next situation arises,

I know the right decision that should be made.

You always forgive me.

Someday I hope to forgive as greatly as You do.

To forgive and give any person love.

Love instead of anger or pain or revenge.

I give thanks in my life for Your love.

Please be with me no matter how silly I get or badly I act.

Thank you for teaching me to love.

For the greatest gift of all is loving all the ways You do.

I hope Agape love is my goal.

With your help I can reach that goal!

To find the awestruck love you find in all of us.

To love us more than we love ourselves.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

What better goal to have this week than going out and loving people!  I know last week I gave a person trying to help me a very angry, rude response.  I choose this week to call back and apologize to this person.  I gave this person a gift they never realized they would receive.  I could hear in their voice just how much they appreciated being loved this way!  They knew I sincerely cared about them and their situation, not just my own situation.  Don’t forget while you are passing out love this week to pass out some to yourself!  If we cannot love ourselves, it is much harder to love others.  As March brings us new growth, let that growth be in our own hearts and minds!  I thank you for being with me, and know I truly love you!





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