Two Souls, One Heart

Finger Love Couple

This time of year brings about many weddings and marriages. Our beautiful son and daughter-in-law will be celebrating their anniversary this week. I just cannot help but to think how blessed I have been to share my life with the one I love. I wrote this for my husband many years ago. Although the wedding excitement has far been gone, energy of our commitment to each other flows with strength and power. I wish you the blessing of finding the one that can continually produce this type of energy with you. Blessed wishes to all those going through the ceremonial passage right now!


Two Souls, One Heart

Some people say it’s so.

Some just don’t believe at all.

But for two souls years ago,

It was more than so.

Two souls became one.


The years have come and gone since their eyes and hearts met.

Soul mates from the beginning of the stars and light.

They were not always strong in each other.

At one time their weaknesses were revealed.

This was during one of their complicated times.

Now their weaknesses fuse to help each other grow.


They are individuals with freedom.

Yet they are fused by commitment to journey together.

Not a false commitment.

Not a obligated commitment.

Not a required commitment.

But one that is true, pure, and freeing.


He heals her hurts.

She holds his hand when he needs strength.

He wipes her tears.

She wipes his sweat.

He hears her ideas.

She hears his jokes.


Never to part through space or time.

Never to serve another with such passion.

Through fears, joy, triumphs, and sadness,

They walk this sacred path together.


Two souls, one heart.

As time passes, they will forgive, trust, and let go.

In order to have two souls become one.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Everyone has a soul out there that compliments them and helps them to grow. Be on the look out-you could be gazing upon that very one right now! Thank you for reading with me this week!

I love you, Danny.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman





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