Buried Treasures

Buried Treasures

As we journey in this life, we so often feel our buried growing pains are burdens instead of treasures. When I wrote the following piece, I was wrestling with this very issue. It was hard to see the “treasures” that my experiences were creating. With reflection and visually putting my feelings into words, I have better realized what true jewels these experiences have become in my heart. These treasures have also allowed God to uncover and reveal to me amazing truths! This week dig into your ocean bottom and see what revelations come to you! It is not easy, but the hunt is so worth it!

Buried Treasures

Such a hard thing.

Buried in our hearts and minds for years and years.

Emotions and feelings that we choose to not acknowledge.

Buried treasures, buried ghost.

Buried gold, buried jewels, buried pains.

Buried up to cause reactions.

Reactions blamed on others that are bystanders.

Who knows why these moments of history,

Archaeologically etched their pain on your heart.

But the pains you have each day try to move you.

The pains try to erase the etchings.

One second brings the fears to the surface again.

Then in one fine moment-

When you finally lay all in front of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit-

You try to listen instead of talking.

You try to give up and not control.

Then as a speck in the sand,

One ray of light reflects and refracts to one glance of hope.

Reason presents itself.

Immediately you smile, you cry, and the etchings melt into your heart.

One small stain is left.

The stain fades as it is whitened by the repair of the Holy Spirit.

Hope reappears.

You now know not to run.

You stop and accept the hope.

The buried treasures revive your ship to sail again.

You have the compass and scope that guides the ship.

These allow God to direct each second.

The present includes your reactions, your feelings, and your emotions.

When the etchings come,

Your treasures through God will lead you to the light.

The light near the horizon.

The light seeking the other buried treasures wanting to be healed.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for joining me this week in my journey. I appreciate the time you are sharing with me on my journey. I wish for you the happiest treasure finding possible!









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