Moon and Sun  Contentment

When life becomes so busy and when day after day and night after night runs into each other, we many times become restless. We forget to savor each second, each moment, and each ray of light. We quickly forget that this time needs to be slowed and protected. We forget to slow down for this time. I share this writing with you this week so you can contemplate on slowing down. Savor contentment in your heart!


As the sun goes down,

The moon comes up.

Another measure of time is discovered.

Where we are sets our time.

Just as God has set the Earth.

My spirit feels excitement and apprehension.

I know my measures are with God.

My mind thinks it can arrange those times,

Only to find the Spirit within the heart is discovering the true way.

As life rises and sets each day,

I realize contentment does not come from the mind.

Contentment comes from the heart.

As I rise and set again in this world,

Time no longer measures living.

Only the soul measures living.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I just want you to know that we all seek this contentment. It is not an easy thing to seek. Thank you for being with me this week as you take in a breath of contentment into your life!







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