One Weekend

One Weekend

This week our family will be blessed to participate in a great celebration! The 20th annual IKSA National Training Seminar. Karate friends and extended family travel from all parts of the United States to join in the seminar. The great joy comes from the fact that this group of people over the many years has formed one of the most amazing families one could ever hope to be a part of! The most incredible experience about the weekend is the great opportunity to love and enjoy people. Also these individuals sacrifice so much just to come together and enjoy each other. So this week or next weekend, sacrifice and gather dear family and friends and have your own joyful celebration! Most of all take the opportunity to enjoy and love people this week!

One Weekend

The season arrives again.

They have sacrificed all year.

Just to make this travel.

The hosts wait patiently but with excitement.


The hosts plan and prepare for the homecoming.

What have these many souls done for one year?

Have they grown?

Have they laughed?

Have they cried?


It is yet time again to bring their hearts to a place filled with friends.

The time is so precious,

They all wish time would stop.

So the memories would last forever.

So the happiness and joy would linger for all time.


They learn and practice old ways and new moves.

They meet new friends and love old ones.

All perfecting and improving their art together.

All rejoicing over personal and group achievements.

Hugs and hearts are shared.

The time passes too quickly.


New friends join,

Old friends remain,

And some could not journey,

But their hearts are with all the others.

All souls feeling this special tie that will never separate them.


Then goodbyes have to be said.

All of these spirits rise to move back to life and work—

But their futures hold for them another year to pass and then share again.

Friends of not just the arts, but friends of life and beyond.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Put together a gathering where people can love each other and support each other. Even if the gathering is a small gathering with the people you have the opportunity to love each day. Don’t miss out on that opportunity!

Thank you so much for taking your special time to be with me this week. Thank you for being a part of this gathering!








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