The Dance

The Dance

Dance! It is the week to dance and float and flitter!! What a great opportunity we have been given to live in such an amazing and changing world! It is Fall in the South! Nature is about to explode with all her splendor. There will be so much for us to see, smell, and hear! Stop from rushing this week and dance, dance, dance!

The Dance

Floating as they were always meant to.

Each floats down separately.

Finding its place with the Earth.

Yet they all float together.

As a great gospel choir raising its voice to the heavens.


She has released them.

She has nourished and fed them,

But it is now time to let them go.

They have the strength from her in their veins.

They have her colorful appearance on their surfaces.


The wind carries them as if they were a child on a roller coaster,

But guides them for their destiny.

Will it be the mamba?

Will it be a ballet or a line dance?

Will it be the cha cha?

Will it be the twist?


Free—Floating—Forming the Dance!

The dance of colors!

The dance of shapes!

The dance of different destinies!

The dance that leads us to hope for another day!


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for joining me on the dance floor this week! I know your time is so priceless and to spend it with me is a true gift. I hope you stop and take time to dance among the colors and shapes this week!







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