Colors Come Home

Colors Come HomeThe phrase “home sweet home” seems so much more relevant this time of year. All of the colors in nature come to us in such an amazing palette! The palette makes us yearn for a place of comfort-our “home sweet home”. Find your place of comfort this week, and let that place make your colors explode! It may be a home, an apartment, your favorite coffee shop, a chair with a comfy, your bed with a big comforter, or even your rocking chair on the porch. Wherever your “home sweet home” is located, nature’s colors will help your colors know you are home!


Colors Come Home

The orange emerges as the brightest sunset.

The red glowing like the embers of a fire’s sparks.

The yellow shines forth like a star in the sky.

All set against the deep browns of the earth.


It is a time we want everything to stop

And not go forward, nor go backwards.

The air changes not only in its direction,

But also in its feel.


It is a time we all become vibrant.

We prepare for the cold.

We prepare for the hiding.

We prepare to be home.


The color and geometrical designs lead us home.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

You will discover your vibrant colors and your unusual shapes when you find your “home sweet home”, and you are the only one that can determine that special palette and place! Thank you so much for reading with me this week. I am so blessed to have you as company in my “home sweet home”!







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