Why Write?

Why WriteEveryone is creative in some way. Whether you build, paint, cook, write, or carry out the special gift you have, you are being creative. This creativity is a way of writing the stories of the miracles we experience each and every day. We do not always know what the story is telling or how it is being interpreted by others, but the story is being told in a very unique way by you. The brush strokes that create an amazing picture or the combination of spices in an incredible dish is God sending miracles through you! So today could not just be “Why Write?”, it could be “Why Create?”. Do not miss out on another day going by that you do not create and tell the miracle you see through your creativity!

Why Write?

Someone once said to me

You write when you have something to say.

Now whether this was their words

Or someone else’s words,

I do not know.


But I do know that I have not said things in a long time.

When you witness a miracle,

It’s like you see another side to life.

Your changed and it takes time to process that change.


You open up to senses and feelings.

Senses and feelings that are just not in this plane of our everyday lives.

You wonder and think and imagine.

You just have a keener sense for everything.

I really thought I knew about miracles.


Like when God gave me my soul mate.

Or like when you lay eyes on your children for the first time.

Or you see how your parents love you no matter and forever.

But these were so much more blessings than miracles.


Miracles come from nothing.

Miracles are the unimaginable.

Miracles are unexplainable.

Miracles are for everyone.

Miracles are when God takes His hand and touches someone.


When He opens someone eyes.

When He helps them speak again.

When He helps them walk again.

When He makes the unknown truly known.

Then you really witness a miracle.


Some people think miracles are God giving us what we want.

Some people think miracles are God providing what we need.

But miracles are something we can never conceive.

Miracles are grace.

Grace is the unknown love.


We will never know how the great gospels really felt.

How they really felt when Jesus showed them God’s grace.

We really have only their words.

Words picturing miracles.

Words praising God.

Words of the unknown.


But we do experience miracles.

We have no clue what we are experiencing.

We have no idea what the unknown love feels like.

We have no clue what we are witnessing.

But witnesses write because we do need to say something.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Sometimes it is very difficult to remember that sharing our creative gifts are not always about us. It is something greater than us! So do not hesitate—you have no idea who you may change today! Thank you so much for being with me. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you share your life with me!





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