The Light of All Mankind

The Light of MankindHope is what we live for. All of our lives we hope for better living, for loving families, for forgiving friends, and just for a more enriched life. Hope cannot happen without belief, faith, and peace. We are born knowing we have a purpose, and we die knowing we have a higher purpose. We all celebrate “Light”, “Love”, and “Energy” of eternity. I celebrate this week because I serve a God that chose to come and experience this world as a human. I celebrate this week because my God lives with me in Spirit. I celebrate this week because my God has set the light for me to follow when my purpose here has been completed and sets for me the eternal purpose I will fulfill. Hope is real. Hope lets me know that no matter what experiences arise in this world, there are other people that also believe love and light can overcome any difficulties. There are other people with faith and peace. The Light of all mankind has and will give hope for all.

The Light of All Mankind

Tears are wiped.

The rain and cold is taken away.

The wind ceases.

The celebration has just begun!


For Your sun shines upon the faces of Your children.

For the greatest gift ever given comes forth.

To rise and carry our hearts into the brightened sky.


To lift our hearts from the depths of sorrow.

To lift our souls from despair and into hope.

The greatest promise to the people is kept.

And mankind gives praises for the Sacrifice.


Glory to God!

Hallelujah to Jesus!

Praise to the Holy Spirit!


God has come.

God conquers.

God loves.

God sacrifices.

Thanks be to God!

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 I pray for many blessings upon you. I especially pray for you to experience hope. I know these writings are letting you know there are people with a faith and peace that you have. Thank you so much for reading with me this week. Please celebrate life and hope!





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