This week I received a very special surprise! I was given a delicious, perfect in every way, carrot cake! A precious new soul in my life, Katie, presented me this cake to celebrate my mom’s entrance into heaven. My mom passed two years ago this last Sunday. Katie and I had been discussing life and the opportunities our journeys bring when she ask what did I miss most about my mother’s cooking. I told her my mom’s carrot cake. So on Easter Sunday morning I arrive to work and find the most beautiful carrot cake! That night I relaxed in my chair, made a cup of coffee like Em and I would have, and slowly celebrated my Em in the presence of God. Katie had given me an offering to present to God for my mom! The writing today is how I practice offering myself to God. I honor Him when taking communion representing God within Jesus. But Katie showed me this week how God meant for me to use this practice in a deeper way. God gave so that I might give. Feed someone a crumb this week. Share a drink with someone this week. Give your inner soul to another human being, because this is the example God set through Jesus. Giving is providing grace to others. Sip your coffee or tea! Nibble at your cake! And say “Thank you-God! Help me to give.”.


The crumb in my hand is the food of my heart.

The drop on my tongue is the drink of my soul.

The tug in my body is the pull of His journey for me.

All are much more than they seem.


The crumb is the cross.

The drop is the blood.

The tug is the Spirit that is greater than I.

The relief is that the grace has been given for all.


God’s crumb, God’s drop, and God’s tug.

Given for one and all.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

You have given today by reading with me. I appreciate your sacrifice. Katie, thank you for reminding me about giving, grace, and celebration! I hope all of you out there get to meet Katie someday.





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