Act I

Act IHas your imagination plummeted to the bottom? Has your creativity come to a complete stop? Open a curtain, sling a window back, or crack the door leading to outside. Peep out and take a good look or better yet, get out there and experience the scene! The creative show you see, hear, and smell will send your soul to the sky! One cannot help but to have creative thoughts and hope when you witness this show! Let your creating gain courage again and go do it! Hope will drive your creative process. Do not let another week go by that you don’t pursue this for your soul. It is time and you are in the next act, so be ready to go!

Act I

As I write this morning,

I see every shade of green.

Dark evergreen, avocado, light green,

Jello green, pea green, celery.


All the smooth and bumpy brown limbs

Are budding with tiny leaves.

Amongst the thinning brown pops chartreus,

The purple of all purples.


The redbuds come blasting through

From their winter fortress!

Then I witness the small,

Most delicate tree of all.


One white petal unfolds after another

From around a dense center holding precious seeds.

Then in the middle of the various shades of green,

Comes a glorious white dazzle of the dogwood!


The paperwhites rustle gently back and forth.

Sending the most fragrant smell through the air.

Their stems sway like reeds in water.

All trying to outreach each other.


I see the carpet of green emerging,

Getting thicker and thicker.

Covered with dots of yellow dandelions.

Popping, popping, popping like polka dots!


The cool, but warming breeze blows each dandelion gently.

The smells of sweet and fresh glide on the wind’s wings.

Breaths seem to be much easier to take.

The sky opens up to display the bluest of blues.


Then like chimes in the wind,

A multitude of chirps flood the air

Creating the sound like a choir on Sunday morning.

The sounds swirl and swing into the blue.


I never knew such a performance could be so exhilarating!

How could I have missed this so many times before?

Springtime—you have my attention!

I stand up from the comfy chair

And provide the actors with a standing ovation!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for inspiring me this week by reading. What you gather in your mind is produced in a creative form. Let the scenes you see this week inspire you to make those thoughts a reality!





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