ReCreationSmall, small moments are so important and so essential. Many times we want to skip over these. We want to hurry and hurry to get to the “big thing”. All the time missing the special, intimate moments we are meant to experience. And what is the “big thing”? Don’t get in such a hurry this week! Slow down and see every “little thing”. Reflect upon what you are to learn through these small moments. Reach into these wonderful moments, let your mind bathe in their special meaning, and wallow in their inspiration. You will be amazed how the “big thing” will be living each millisecond every day!


The old creature fades away

As the new brightness shines forth.

The light is tiny, compact, and dull.

But then the rebirth begins!!

The light unfolds,

The tints are vivid,

And the creature is renewed.


I am amazed!

My Father shows me this re-creation each year!

I am amazed!

His almighty power surfaces through such a tiny fold.


Re-creation can only be through His amazing fuel.

Each small moment makes this happen.

The creature opens its arms to the heavens

And reaches for the face of God!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am so glad you joined me in reading this week. I hope this small moment speaks to you.  I wish you the biggest blessings in the smallest ways this week!





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